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How Listing Your Business On Google Business Can Lead To Conversions

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Have you listed your business on Google business? Are you wondering how this will help you?

Google My Business (GMB) is Google’s own business directory. In recent years, Google has invested a lot of resources into developing GMB and therefore given this directory a lot more room in search results.

If you run a local business, GMB provides an easy way to increase your website visibility and get more customer leads – fast!

1. New leads and loads of potential customers

The most common way to look for products and services online is to “Google it” and then click on some of the organic search results.

For example, we search for “photographer in London” and click on one of the photographers in the list that Google presents to us.

The next most common thing is that we search on Google BUT click on the infobox that contains the Google My Business listing.

Some click on to the website such as MoneyBrighter, others call the listed phone number, some navigate further and look at photos etc.

But the FACT that GMB is the runner up in how we find companies online, is a very strong reason to immediately register and take control of your GMB listing.

2. It’s free

Registering your company at GMB is free of charge. Admittedly, it takes a relatively large amount of effort (and knowledge of uploading files online, etc.), but Google does not charge for the listing itself.

NOTE! Google claims that a GMB-listing “only takes a few minutes to register”. This is a truth with modification.

To get a verified GMB listing, you need to request a verification code to your business address.

A code that Google sends on a postcard to your business mailbox. This usually takes a week or two.

Google has also added the ability to verify via a phone call. But this opportunity is not available to everyone.

3. Better control of your brand

One of the great benefits of Google My Business is that you get (almost) complete control over your brand online.

For example, you can immediately upload photos or videos that showcase your products and services from their best side. This way, you can strategically expose your business to potential customers and “Google searchers” and control the important first impression. In our view, the purpose of Google My Business is largely “brand building” – much like free ad space.

But even though all searches does not lead to new customers or clicks, GMB gives you a great opportunity to showcase your brand on the world’s largest search engine.

And thus create the recognition and goodwill that is characteristic of strong brands.

4. Increase (and influence) your business visibility across the entire web

Google’s position as the world’s largest search engine means that many other business directories (and search engines) retrieve their information directly from Google.

Thus, information on Google My Business also becomes the source of exposure in many other business directories and pages on the web. By creating a well-organized and good-looking GMB site, you have a positive impact on the visibility of the entire web.

5. Gain valuable insights about your customers

Google offers everyone who uses the “Insights” platform really simple analytics data that shows when and how your customers find your GMB page.

With this data you can find out where your customers see you and where they do not see you.

The information, for example, can form the basis for how to tweak your marketing and visibility – and get even more customers!

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