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Top 5 Personal Assistant Apps for Android in 2021

The personal assistant is a device, typically a smart speaker, that can help you do whatever you need to do. 

It can play music, find information, control the thermostat, and many other things. Not a single product you can find in stores has all the features of the products available in the market, but what you can find are personal assistants that promise to do much more.

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And although we can’t see any products that can achieve the existing personal assistant systems, there are a lot of products that we can use for making our life easier. 

And the best personal assistant apps for Android smartphones are likely to be the ones that will succeed in their market segment. 

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The developers who will bring the next great one have started to work on it already and they will probably unveil it at the upcoming IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin).

From now on, I will tell you about the top five personal assistant apps that will be available by 2021.

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1. Samsung Assistant

Samsung Assistant is the first personal assistant app that is likely to be introduced in 2019 and it has already received a lot of attention from the users. 

It has been referred to as the smart speaker of the Galaxy brand and it promises a lot. 

It has received mixed reviews from the reviewers who appreciated its integration of the Bixby voice assistant.

The interface has been optimized to make Bixby’s voice assistant feel more natural and it is also expected that it will soon be able to connect with Alexa.

At the moment, it seems that the main features of the app are being tested.

2. Google Assistant

Google Assistant, the voice-activated assistant by Google, has been confirmed to be integrated into Samsung phones. Although we don’t know the exact date of its launch, it is definitely going to be there by 2021.

Google Assistant is another personal assistant app with a lot of abilities. It works on a personalized level and it is not yet confirmed that it will allow users to use voice commands. However, some rumors say that it will have a special feature.

3. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo is not a personal assistant but an IoT device that can be connected to other things in the home. 

Amazon Alexa is already integrated into Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Fire Tablet and it will soon be available in all kinds of products.

The smart speaker of the company is one of the most popular products of the world and it will be successful in all the markets of the world where people have money. It is expected that it will be available on more devices in the next few years.

4. Apple Siri

Siri is the Siri assistant that is used in Apple’s devices. It already runs on smartphones but it is not yet released on other devices. 

However, some rumors say that it will be the personal assistant of the future.

The rumors of Apple Siri being integrated into AirPods have been brought up again and it seems like the company is working on it. We expect that the integration will be announced by Apple in the next few months.

5. Microsoft Cortana

Cortana is the voice-activated assistant that has been created by Microsoft for its own devices. It has integrated Bixby voice assistant and it is also integrated into the Windows 10 devices.

Cortana is the first voice assistant app that can take part in a conversation and it can understand natural speech.

Future personal assistant apps are being developed

As you can see, there are many companies developing personal assistant apps that will be a reality in 2021. Here are some additional details about the apps that we don’t yet know about.

Final Lines

There are a lot of companies working on the next generation of smart assistants. Some of them are new, but many of them are existing companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

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