How do I write my own haiku?


Haiku forms a very important part in Japanese poetry. Haiku is a bit different from normal poetry. The format of Haiku usually consists of 3 lines. These 3 lines usually consist of a total of 17 syllables. The arrangement of these syllables differ vastly as well. You include five syllables in the first line and you have to up the game with seven syllables in the second. You have to once again write down five syllables in the third line. 

Originally, this poetry used to be measured In sounds or breaths. But in today’s day and age, English syllables are used around it as well. You can generate Haiku online using Haiku Poem Makers also.

Write my own haiku

It might seem a bit difficult to understand since it is far from normal poetry. Here are a few advises that we can throw at you:- 

  1. Understanding traditional haiku 

First and foremost, you need to understand how traditional haiku works. As we have said already, it works very differently than normal poetry. We have also talked about the 5-7-5 syllables in three lines of a haiku. Before haiku, there was a Japanese poetic form called rengu. Rengu used to be a long poem where two or more poets would collaborate together to come up with wordplay. It used to be very intense and in order to bring down the intensity, haikai was introduced along with some humorous elements. Haikai was then renamed as haiku in the given future. It is an independent form of poetry and doesn’t require you to collaborate with anyone in order to write the poem. 

  1. Concentrating on main topic 

Now that you have understood haiku, you need to learn about the subject matter. If the subject is not strong, there’s no way you can write about it with a great passion. You have to think about what you want to write about first. You need to generate certain information regarding what you want to write about. Is it going to be based on facts or is it going to be more about your personal opinion? All of this needs to be decided before writing down the poem. Remember, these are things that you have to do before you sit down to write. 

  1. Choosing words 

It’s not going to be a thesis by any means, haiku has to be summed up within three lines. You cannot afford to go off the topic for even one word. You have to focus on what you want to convey. Now there’s a big problem regarding words as well. You might have a big vocabulary but if you don’t know the right words, the impact of the poem will be lost. Be wise with words and do not go off the track for one second. 

  1. Writing down in one go 

It’s about three lines. If you have followed the steps nicely and gotten your act together in terms of choosing words, do not take a break. If you sit down to write, you shouldn’t wake up until you complete it. If your mind is clear, you will be able to write it down in minutes. If it isn’t, you have to start all over again from the first step of this process. Remember, do not hurry while writing down the poem. The subject matter should come naturally to you. 


Q1: Is haiku very popular in Japan? 

It is still regarded as one of the best forms of short term Japanese poetry. It consists of just three phrases. The unique style of writing here makes the poets as well as readers interested in this form. 

Q2: Should I use high vocabulary while writing a haiku? 

More than coming up with a great vocabulary, it is about making an impact with every single line. 

Q3: Is haiku written only in Japanese language? 

It originated in Japan but it soon spread across the globe. Nowadays, you will find some amazing writers penning down haiku in English and other languages. 

Haiku is a tremendous form of poetry. Its uniqueness is something that excites most of the poets. It allows them to experiment with their writing abilities. Do you want to write a haiku as well? Make sure you follow our advice and it might just work wonders for you!