Hire qualified big data developer


There is a stereotype that only IT departments, programmers and mathematicians work with big data. In fact, this young industry includes quite a few professions: from an engineer to a data storytelling specialist.

Big Data Specialist – Who Is This?

There is an opinion that a Big Data specialist is a super professional, a superman with a huge number of different skills. To some extent, this is true, because, among other things, he must have a good understanding of business. Of course, it is difficult for one person to know everything at all, so we most often work in teams – this is much more productive. The main thing is to have a 360-degree angle of view, which comes with experience.

The main stages of the work of a Big Data specialist

He works in a variety of areas:

  • finance;
  • retail;
  • legal industries.

One of the most important roles is strategist: at the first stage, most companies simply do not know how to get started with big data. Moreover, sometimes it is very difficult to understand what kind of problem in the company is associated with this data and how to solve it.

To begin with, the most important thing is to identify the problem the company is facing. We hold workshops where we talk about the possibilities of Big Data. In the process of work, we must transform the work in the company, but our first priority is to solve the problem. We talk with the client; ask a lot of questions about all areas of activity. In the course of these conversations, huge lists of items and tasks appear, which we will take into account and on which we will work. The main goal that we pursue when working with Big Data is the ability to better understand the consumer, product, employees, and suppliers.

After collecting information, we discuss all the problematic points and understand whether they are related to big data. Some problems may be related to something else – for example, insufficient employee motivation. So we have to shorten the entire list and leave only the problems that relate to our competence. If you want to know more about your sales that means you should be able to keep track of them. This is sometimes quite difficult. For example, in stores, you should be able to track every purchase. But this is not a Big Data problem. This means that you just have to purchase a system for tracking purchases. Sometimes a company has to undergo a series of significant changes in order for a Big Data specialist to start working.

The next step is to compile a list of recommendations. After that, we discuss the further strategy of the company, as the managers want it to be. The implementation of Big Data is not just about hiring one specialist, it is a change in the mindset of all employees. It is very important that everyone understands what the guy who calls himself a Big Data specialist is doing.

What are the basic skills a Big Data specialist should have?

The main thing is the ability to work with a large amount of information and knowledge of technologies: there are already hundreds of them, and new ones appear every month. At the same time, he must have scientific thinking, be very curious. It is very important to be able to think in terms of business. Let me remind you that you can be a narrow specialist in something and be a useful team member, being responsible for your part of the process.

Therefore, if you want to hire big data developers, consider all these factors.

Which industries need Big Data the most?

Recently, Big Data has been increasingly used in:

  •  banking sector;
  •  public administration;
  •  agriculture.

Engaging a Big Data specialist is an opportunity to look at the available data from different angles.