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MacBook Pro 2021: These pictures make you want Apple’s new notebook

by Joseph Richard
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Soon we could catch a first, honest look at the new MacBook Pro 2021. In the meantime, however, we still have to be content with good designs. These pictures of a possible 16-inch model make you want to Apple’s upcoming notebook generation in the current case.

As early as June 7, Apple could present the new MacBook Pro 2021 to the public at WWDC, the well-known insider Jon Prosser is sure in this regard. Already in the past, Apple’s developer fair served as a stage for new, professional Macs. Recall the two last generations of the Mac Pro or even the iMac Pro, which Apple removed this year without comment and a successor from the program.

MacBook Pro 2021: Chic design of Apple’s 16-inch model

Two models are expected, each equipped with a new 14-inch and a 16-inch display. The new design is currently still Apple’s secret, but you would like to imagine the new MacBook Pros before your mind’s eye. The well-known designer and concept artist Antonio De Rosa brings the 16-inch version of the upcoming MacBook Pro 2021 to life. She integrates all the elements of the new notebooks, which are already haunting the rumor mill in advance. In addition, he spits some of his wishes into the design.

The new mini LED screen is, of course, the focus. Apple calls this technology an XDR display. But we would not bet on Face ID as in the draft. Even the iMac 2021 had to do without it. Face recognition is probably still reserved for iPhones and iPads.

However, Touch ID is retained, but the fingerprint sensor is no longer integrated into the touch bar. This has to give way. Instead, there is a separate key with the MacBook Air or the new Magic Keyboard of the iMac.

Insiders have already confirmed the return of old connections – HDMI and the MagSafe charging cable are also expected. Then an SD card reader is added. Professionals will enjoy Apple’s new concession to use.

The chip should have more power, not surprising with ten computing cores and 16 or 32 graphics cores. In contrast to the currently available M1 models, the RAM can optionally be up to 64 GB, a quadrupling of the presently feasible.

On the other hand, the colors of the MacBook Pro 2021 are still very speculative. However, Antonio De Rosa firmly believes in it and orients himself in the color selection to the colorings of the iPhone 12 Pro. In addition to silver, there is also graphite, gold, and Pacific blue. It would be nice if it comes one way or another, but there is no guarantee yet. With absolute certainty, however, the images are shown make you want Apple’s new MacBook generation. With a bit of luck, we only have to wait a few days until the “dissolution” – keep our fingers crossed.

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