iPad Pro 2021: camera feature hidden by Apple discovered


The iPad Pro 2021 can do something with its camera since even the current iPhone 12 (Pro) fails. A well-known app developer has now discovered the feature hidden by Apple. Techmoran reveals what users can do with it and how to access it.

The developer of the camera app Halide Sebastiaan took a closer look at the cameras of the current iPad Pros and found a feature hidden by Apple. The US manufacturer does not explicitly advertise the function and does not talk about it anywhere. The Apple Tablets have a “secret” Macro-function.

Unmentioned by Apple: iPad Pro 2021 has a macro feature

Means: Due to a different lens design, the iPad Pro 2021 can focus objects from a much shorter distance than the iPhone can. The Apple phone must be at least 8 centimetres away from the thing for a” sharp” shot. With the iPad, it’s much closer. Halide Sebastiaan writes enthusiastically and somewhat exuberantly: “The iPad basically comes with a microscope. “

iPad Pro 2021: Apple introduces the super tablet;

The developer discovered the feature by accident: “I found out when I put the iPad on my lap. I noticed that the camera actually focused perfectly on my trouser leg, which was attached directly to the rear camera. “

Tip: How it works better

According to Halide Sebastiaan With, if you want to try out the newly discovered macro function right now, you should consider a particular circumstance. According to him, with the LiDAR sensor that supports the autofocus of the iPad, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to elicit the macro function from the Apple tablet. What it takes then is a manual focus. For this, he recommends appropriate apps, coincidentally, of course, his own – Halide Mark II. It is available as a free trial version for seven days, after which you can either opt for a subscription (1.99 euros per month, 13.49 euros per year) or a one-time purchase (43.99 euros).

By the way, since the rear camera system of the iPad Pro 2021 practically does not differ from the 2020 model, the previous generation should also support the macro feature. In the comments section of the colleagues of MacRumors, you will find at least one such reference. So owners of the older tablets do not have to fret and, in the end, also benefit from this feature, hidden by Apple.