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Top 7 Tweaks for Packix That Offer You Ultimate Experience

Packix Repo gained plenty of attention among several Cydia Repos due to features and developments it accomplished over jailbreaking. Its constantly growing significance articulates that it is a must-have repo for a jailbroken iPhone.

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Using Packix Repo is quite simple as all you will interact with is a user-friendly interface that allows you to experience a wide range of features. If you have Cydia installed on your smartphone, you only have to add Packix Repo in Cydia.

Best Tweaks for Packix Repo

Over a short period, Packix gained much popularity due to its unique tweaks. Right now, there are a bunch of tweaks that serve different purposes according to the user’s requirements. Among the ocean of tweaks, we have chosen the top 7 tweaks that are easy to install and beneficial for multiple tasks. In addition, there is one more interesting fact that most of the jailbreak tweaks are free. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

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1- AdaptiveDarkMode

AdaptiveDarkMode is a free tweak of Packix Repo that enhances the dark mode feature of your phone. But how is it different from the built-in dark mode? It allows you to set a brightness level to a certain level, and below the level, dark mode activates automatically. And when the brightness level is increased, the dark mode turns off automatically.

2- Arch

Phones are made for your convenience and safety. However, people nowadays keep most of their critical data at hand for various purposes. To make the data secure, a free tweak Arch is here. It offers you to lock your specific applications.

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3- Cask 2

Cask 2 is a famous tweak of Packix Repo. It provides you with different options to choose the animation you want to experience while scrolling through the menu. Cask 2 animations are being listed below.

  • Flip
  • Glitch
  • Rotate
  • Color
  • Slide
  • Stretch
  • Bounce
  • Fade

4- ColorMeNotifs

Another cool tweak for iPhone users! ColorMeNotifs, as the name expresses, is an interesting tweak that shows the notifications in different colors. So when you open up your phone’s lock screen, you will witness a rainbow which gives an excellent relaxing impression. Moreover, it is entirely free.

5- CoolCC

The CoolCC tweak by Packix is undoubtedly beneficial for those who want to control and command several functions of the phone’s control center. It also allows the users to customize the control center according to their need. For example, by CoolCC, it becomes easy for an iPhone user to get the maximum output.

6- DNDMyRecording

For gamers, vloggers, or filmmakers, this tweak has conquered millions of hearts. However, it is quite irritating when you are screen recording and notifications constantly interrupt you. But with DND, it’s over. All you need to do is enable the DND toggle from the control center and start the screen recording. As long as your DND toggle is on, no notification would disturb you.

7- Ipadify

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