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How to Select the Perfect Wedding Ring

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The time in between an engagement and a wedding is really special for every engaged couple. You seem to be in the seventh heaven by the attention you are receiving from your near and dear ones. You might be basking in the happiness of your approaching marriage and are also meticulously planning every detail of your wedding it is important to cherish your wedding memories together, but there is a list of things to prepare, and you may find yourself stressing instead of enjoyingoften you spend a lot of time hopping from one jeweler to the other. You may feel perplexed by the various options. So, how will you pick the perfect one? No worries. We are here to help.

Match it with your engagement ring (or don’t)

It’s a trend among the engaged couple to buy a ring that will complement their engagement band as they intend to wear both after marriage. A classic metal (of your choice) band is a safe option if you plan to wear both. And if you have decided to buy the same ring for both of you, then you have to look for a matching set which we are sure you will find in every jewelry shop. But it’s okay if you don’t want to buy a matching set. There’s no hard and fast rule that you have to buy one that matches with that of the groom or bride. Choose what you think is right for you. 

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Choose a ring that will reflect your sense of style

If you are a person who prefers a simple yet elegant style, then be sure to mention your preference while looking for the ring. If you have decided to buy a matching set, plain bands are great options. But if you have decided to choose separate designs, then pick whatever portrays your sense of style. If you are looking for something unique, nowadays you get various options like rings made of wood, Damascus steel, or even ring curved out of fossilized dinosaur bone from Whatever you want to choose, be sure to have a clear idea of it before landing at the doorstep of the shop. You can even order and customize your desired ring to depict your signature style.

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Surely, money matters

We often hear people saying that diamonds are women’s best friends. Don’t get this to your heart as you have to plan a whole wedding which is sure to cost you a lot. There are exquisite wedding bands that look as beautiful as diamond-studded rings. Be very clear of the budget which you have fixed for this purchase and accordingly you can choose the metal of the ring as this is one of the deciding factors that affects the cost of the rings. 

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Choice of metal

As mentioned, the choice of metal impacts the pricing of a ring but it’s advisable to give preference to your liking as well. Usually, we see wedding rings in yellow, white, or rose gold. Platinum or tungsten carbide could be a good choice of metal if you are an active person on your professional front as they are more durable than others. But if you crave a gold ring as well as for something that will last long, pick a 14-carat gold ring. That will also significantly reduce the cost. 


So, keep your head clear and surely you will find the perfect wedding ring that will suit you in all possible ways.

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