Huawei Announces the Next P50 Photophone Smartphone: A Glimmer of Hope!


Huawei has conveyed some visuals of its next high-end phone. The brand has mainly concentrated more on its line of photograph sensors available on its top model of smartphones.

Those who may have followed Huawei’s live conference yesterday mainly focused on delivering to the world Harmony OS which is set to compete favorably with the Android Operating system. In a few weeks, the Chinese brand has promised us to wait for the official delivery of the P50, Huawei has not yet mentioned a specific date specifically. Nevertheless, the Chinese manufacturer still closed its conference yesterday with some images of the P50 phone.

Quad camera setup  and two sparks

This model, which will consequently take the name P50, is supposed to respect the standing of the reach as far as photography is concerned; accordingly, it is by appearing from all points the task force of sensors of its next leader that Huawei chose to introduce it.

The P50 will be furnished with four sensors gathered in two generally huge circles. The one above houses three modules, the one beneath just one, conceivably the primary sensor. Furthermore, an arrangement verifies that Huawei has worked together well with the German firm Leica Camera AG to optics of its P50 and P50 Pro.

But from the event held yesterday, Huawei did not give complete information concerning the megapixels percentage pioneered on its next high-end phone. What about the one-inch sensor rumour? Also Huawei has not clarified that issue in particular.

Champion of photography

For the present, we should be happy with the assertions made by Richard Yu at the gathering. It guarantees that the P50 and P50 Pro “raise versatile photography to exceptional level”. Regarding the matter of plan, he inspires a “notable” program and “ultrafine” shapes.

Furthermore, Huawei has not disclosed any visuals of its phone screen turned on. It is still likely that it acquires the new Operating System Harmony OS 2.0.

At long last, Huawei doesn’t dare to give a delivery date however guarantees that it does everything to “make this item accessible” in the brief time frame. Positively, the worldwide deficiency of semiconductors and the actions taken by the Trump organization ought not to make things any simpler for Chinese society.