Recommended APKs for Reading Manga Online in 2021


Manga websites and apps offer much better ease of access when reading as compared with getting physical manga copies from the market. There are a plethora of sites and mobile apps that are offering manga services to people who are into reading manga. Mangastream and Crunchyroll are one such platform. 

When it comes to reading digital manga, using Android apps is a much better way to go about it in our opinion. This is because you can use the phone to read manga whenever you want to. It is much easier than starting your laptop and reading manga from there. 

Here are some of the most recommended APKs for reading manga that you can check out in 2021

  • Crunchyroll APK

Crunchyroll is a paid website for reading manga and watching anime. Unlike mangastream, you need to purchase a monthly subscription to use the manga services of this site. 

Crunchyroll offers an interactive mobile app that you can use to read manga on your phone. This manga app is available for Android and IOS devices. This app has a plethora of manga from all kinds of genres that you can check out here. The manga is HD, and the print quality is quite phenomenal. 

  • Comixology

 Comixology is an excellent app for reading manga and comic books. The wide range of content that this site offers is the reason why we prefer this site over all the other options on the internet. 

This site is quite great in terms of the collection of the manga shows that you can find here. The site has the biggest variety of English-translated manga that you can find out there. This app has a simple and interactive interface which is ideal for reading manga online. 

  • Manga Reader

Manga Reader has an interface that is quite similar to mangastream UI. The user experience offered by both these sites is also quite similar. 

Manga Reader offers an awesome collection of the latest and classic manga that you can read here for free. There is no compulsion for creating an account using this app. 

All the services offered by this manga are free of cost. Since the manga quality of the app is great, we recommend Manga Reader for reading manga online if you want a free manga source. 

  • MangaRock 

MangaRock is another credible option for reading manga. This app has a massive fanbase and it offers access to a huge collection of manga series that you can read here 24/7. 

This app is great for getting access to the latest manga as soon as it is released to the public. The app is great for beginners because it offers a simple-to-navigate user interface. 

  • INKR Comics 

INKR Comics has an android and IOS app. You can use this APK on your PC with the help of an android emulator. Unlike mangastream, this service doesn’t have a web app. So, we don’t recommend it for you if you want a web app for reading manga. 

This app is quite good in that it offers access to a huge collection of premium quality content. The manga series offered by this app is regularly updated to include the release of the latest chapters. You can learn more about the process at Pastnews. 

  • Manga Plus

Manga Plus is a free platform for reading manga for people who don’t want to go with a subscription-based service. This service has a web app as well as an android APP. 

You can find the APK for Manga Plus easily on the internet. You’d need to change the security settings of your phone a little bit and enable the Unknown Sources options to install the APK for Manga Plus. You need to do the same process for all the other APKs that we have reviewed in this article. 

Wrapping Up

Web and Mobile apps both are great for reading manga online. But Android APKs offer a little bit better ease of access as compared with other mediums for reading manga that are out there. 

So, we highly recommend that you check out the apps for reading manga that we have talked about in this article. If you have any questions about any of these manga apps, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you out.