iOS 15 Has A Feature That Can Give Access To Your Data When You Pass Away


Ever wondered what will happen to your data on your phone when you pass away?

Well, If you are an iPhone user you can prepare yourself for the inevitable and choose a person who will be handed over your important data.

Apple announced the iOS 15 at the WWDC 2021, which took place virtually on Monday. The iOS 15 comes with a slew of important features and one of them is a digital legacy feature, that would allow users to add legacy contacts.

Death is inevitable but what you want to decide with your data on iPhone should only be your choice. And lets you prepare for that with its new feature. The digital legacy feature that Apple announced is similar to Facebook’s legacy feature. The feature deals with the data of a user after his death.

Apple’s digital legacy feature would allow users to assign a contact who can access their data if they die.

The person who you add as a legacy contact will sign in through a “legacy contact Apple ID”. Using the ID and the access key, the user will gain access to the iCloud data and will also be able to download it. However, your credit card details and other payment information will remain hidden from your legacy contact.

When you request Apple to provide you access to a users’ iCloud account who has passed away, you will have to provide a copy of the deceased user’s death certificate.

Once your request is approved, you will be able to access the concerned person’s data. The activation lock will then be deactivated. It is important to note that this feature can not be misused and you can not force anybody to add you as a legacy contact. Apple will only proceed further when you provide a verified death certificate. Access to the account will not be given to the legacy contact if the person is alive.

Apple kicked off its annual developer’s conference WWDC 2021 on Monday.

The Cupertino giant announced a host of software updates and introduced an all-new macOS called Monterey. The Apple Watch too got interesting features like the ability to message, send emojis straight from your wrist.

The watch users also got portrait mode watch face which would let them set pictures clicked using portrait mode as their watch face. They can further blur the background and add the bokeh effect.