Here Are Some of Kenya’s Best WIFI Packages.


I’ve compiled a list of Kenya’s best, most affordable, and most dependable Wifi packages. Prices are subject to change depending on when you view this post. These are, nevertheless, the most up-to-date costs.

WiFi Packages in Kenya


This low-cost internet service offers speeds of up to 4Mbps for KES 1500 per month. In addition, the plan includes 3000 free UKO poa! public Wi-Fi hotspots.


Zuku provides unlimited internet access. Its pricing, on the other hand, are not as low as Telkom’s. It ranges in speed from 5 Mbps to 250 Mbps. The addition of a TV and phone package is the only perk.


Safaricom House fibre Internet provides you with limitless, fast, and dependable internet access in your home. The internet, on the other hand, is only available in a few areas. It ranges in speed from 5Mbps to 40Mbps.


A Telkom 4G Router is included in the package.

  • On the home data profile, a 4G SIM card is used.
  • For a month, get 10GB of data for free.
  • Browsing will be charged at the out-of-bundle rate of Ksh 2/MB once the data bundle allocation has been depleted.
  • Data bundles that have not been used in the previous month will not be carried over to the next month.
  • If a consumer purchases another bundle before an existing bundle expires, the bundles will be added together.

Other services will be available to customers with home data:

• Ksh 4/- per minute for on-net and off-net calls

• On-net and off-net SMS sending — Ksh 1/- per SMS


Faiba is a Nairobi-based internet service provider that caters to both household and business users. Its services, unlike the rest, range in speed from 30 Mbps to 125 Mbps.