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Sidian Bank Scoops awards during the Think Business Annual awards 2021

Sidian Bank, a mid-tier bank focusing on SMEs this year received 5 Accolades in the previously held 2021 Think Business Annual Awards in its support for tech development and evolution of banking In Kenya.

During the 2021 Think Business Gala awards held virtually saw the distinction in service amongst the banking industry which required great commitment and required changing the way banks do things to a more focused approach. This ethos was recognized by Think Business 2021 Banking Awards.

The bank’s awards have been around the institution’s financial solutions that are built around problems many businesses face in the market. In 2020, Sidian bank launched Sidian credible which is an online bid bond application platform that enables their customers to apply for bid bonds from the comfort of their offices and/or homes. The solution is a self-service platform that responds to our customers’ needs for convenience, efficiency and quick turn-around time which are critical in any tendering process. It is a departure from the manual process of securing bid bonds and it embraces technology as the next big frontier.

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Amongst the Awards the Bank received were, 1st Runners up Best bank in digital Banking, 2nd Runners up  Best Bank in Customer satisfaction Tier III, 2nd Runners up Best Bank in Mobile Banking, 2nd Runners up Best Bank in Internet Banking, 2nd Runners up Best Bank in Agriculture and livestock Financing,


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Think Business Awards which have been running for the past 16 years, are organized by Think Business, a strategic research and competitive intelligence company specializing on the financial sector. The main objective of the Awards is to encourage innovation, prudence and stability in the banking sector by recognizing, awarding and celebrating exemplary performers.

The bank’s accolades clearly indicated that it continues to pursue innovations to deliver to the market, solutions that will allow banks clients to access services more conveniently and efficiently.

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Speaking to the Head of IT and Operations, James Muigai, he said “The modern customer is tech savvy, and they know what they want. Sidian Bank has made a real commitment to be a customer centric Bank. In addition, the Bank has placed major investment in the latest technology to provide platforms that offer fast reliable, service to customers. An example of this is our revolutionary online platform for Bid Bonds, Sidian Credible. This platform enables customers to obtain a bid bond in less than 5 minutes without ever visiting the Bank.”  

About Sidian Bank

At Sidian Bank, we recognize the significant accountability and inherent risks that an entrepreneur takes to make his ideas and dreams a reality.

James Musoba
James Musoba
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