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What is cloud software development and how it is beneficial

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To know about cloud software development and cloud service development you have to know some basics first and have to understand the answer of some important questions.  

What is cloud computing?

The utility of computers and services relies on resources that are rooted on demand of the user such as storage of data , etc without the straight management of these above said services. Cloud service development plays an important role in keeping the cloud-based working experience glitch-free.

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What is cloud-based software ? 

It is a service of the software that works on cloud computing. It allows users to assess data on a shared computer and services over the internet. For example SaaS i.e software as a service.  

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Cloud based software is the new normal in the fast changing world of information and communication technology.

Let’s check out the profit of the development of cloud based software . 

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Here are the major benefits of cloud software development :

  1.                   Cost Effective

Cloud based software development is highly cost effective in terms of information and communication as well as other  software based working. When we talk about an in house data centre or remote base data centre , it needs a large amount of investment. Eventually the custom software application development services reduces the cost drastically by enhancing the services and provides one stop solutions for the companies such as data management, server maintenance, system upgradation, etc. For most cloud based software development companies only charge for the time one will use their cloud services while they also serve features such as auto scaling of the servers and there is no charge for scaling down of servers. Thus It reduces the cost of input for the organisation saving a lot of money in the long term for the companies. 

  1.         Scalable 

Scalability of the cloud services is one of the landmark features of the cloud based software and development. Cloud software is highly scalable in nature and can be amended with the rise and fall of the demand. Thus it caters and reflects the flexibility of the cloud based services. When we talk about traditional based servers one has to select the configuration of the servers for hosting websites or web based applications. For highly intense applications features like load balancing as well as database clustering is needed , altogether it needs SAN(Storage Area Network) configuration to run the websites/ applications. With all these kinds of configuration and specifications of hardware we are indirectly locked for several years with huge amounts of investment into it. Whereas With the use of cloud software development we can use the potential of its high scalability in our use with ease for website or web based applications. With tools like DTU or database transaction units we can easily monitor and increase the power of servers as well as processing power individually. These key features of cloud based software gives the potential for any organisations for being flexible and scalable parallely. 

  1.         Various offerings and service models

Cloud based service and software development caters diverse offerings with their multiple service models. There are basically two popular service models that are mainly used which are IaaS and PaaS.

The two of them cater to a plethora of services and one can blend the services for more efficient use.  

         IaaS is a pay based cloud based service ,it serves the solutions for networking and virtualization. It gives cloud based solutions for alternatives in on-premise system hosting, such that businesses don’t have to invest or rely on in-house resources. For example- Google compute engine, Rackspace, Digital ocean, etc.

PaaS- It is a platform based service for development in cloud based systems. It runs and manages simplified applications to sophisticated enterprise based applications with complicated tasks. It caters the services based on Pay-you-go as well as serves a secure internet connection. For example- Windows azure, Openshift , Apache stratos, etc

With various service models one organization can customize their use for the use of cloud based software to increase their efficiency and productivity. 

  1.         No Geographical limit

One of the key benefits of cloud based software is no geographical boundation for accessing the services. One can exhaust the cloud based services from any part of the world through basic infrastructural setups. With the freedom of choosing any place to host your system through various data centers in different parts of the world. With traffic management and hyper speed of processing one can ensure their business as well as service with top of the line performance irrespective of their location. This serves the freedom of working from any geographical location and outperforming the conventional or non-cloud based services or solutions. 


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