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What are the best Asus smartphones in 2021?

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Without a doubt, I do believe that you and I know Asus for its PCsproduction and related components and somewhat less for its phones. This Taiwanese phone brand, in any case, offers great mobiles in various value ranges. Do you know which? The ones we will present here in our guide are the best Asus cell phones of 2021.

Asus Zenfone 8


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  • One-handed
  • Perfect screen
  • High-end performance
  • The compact flagship

Who do we suggest the Asus Zenfone 8? 

The Zenfone 8 stands apart from the opposition because of a conservative configuration that prevents it from obtaining excellent quality features. At the end of the day: it is proposed for the individuals searching for an elite phone to control with one hand.

For what reason do we cherish him at Techmoran? 

The Asus Zenfone 8 enticed us because its structure factor too uncommon in the smartphone business. More conservative than some other smartphones, it fits effectively in a pocket and is neglected because of a weight that doesn’t surpass 170 grams.

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Never mind, the Zenfone 8 represents, in our opinion, one of the best compromises today between compactness and high-end experience. All for a rather enticing rate.

In addition, the smartphone intrigued us with its capacity to — despite everything — offer a high-flying performance. Execution at the top, ultra-fluid 120 Hz screen and photograph part which, indeed, needs flexibility, however, gives shots of top caliber. because of the small size of the battery of the Zenfone 8, the phone struggles holding more than an entire day(less autonomy)

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The Zenfone 8 is probably the best trade-off today among minimization and an excellent quality experience. 

Asus ROG Phone 5


  • Technically impeccable
  • An excellent autonomy
  • Screen well-calibrated (after adjustments) and very responsive

Who do we suggest the Asus ROG Phone 5? 

Asus’ ROG Phone 5 isn’t to be placed in all hands. Except between those searching for the best-prepared smartphone to set out on computer game games that run for a long time! You got it. We are managing a complete gaming phone attractive!

For what reason do we cherish the phone at Techmoran? 

We like the ROG Phone 5 for its overwhelming and absence of giving and take. It’s unquestionably not the hottest phone on earth, yet it offers a set-up of gaming-cut highlights that intrigue with their inventiveness.

This phone has renowned AirTriggers or rather touch triggers situated on the edge of the phone and wh Or more all, because of its Snapdragon 888 and its colossal 6,000 mAh battery, no danger of running out of battery in the game and, any event, pushing every one of the designs to the base!

To finish everything off, the Asus ROG Phone 5 additionally permits us to immortalize our day-by-day existence with exceptionally two or three cameras, if not blameless in any circumstance. In short: a solid phone, yet highly adaptable to the individuals who figure out how to become accustomed to its particular design.

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro


  • Finally, an AMOLED screen (excellently calibrated)
  • The fastest consumer smartphone on the market
  • The most enduring of 5G smartphones

Who do we suggest the Asus Zenfone 7 Pro? 

Massive and hefty, the Zenfone 7 Pro is, regardless, a goal-oriented top-of-the-line phone. It is subsequently proposed for admirers of unique, specialized specs because recall that its fundamental fascination lies in its celebrated pivoting camera, which, along these lines, delivers the whole surface of the screen.

For what reason do we cherish The Phone at Techmoran? 

You may be asking why we are more mainstream with the Zenfone 7 Pro than the more current Zenfone 8 Flip. The explanation is essential: the haircut, having done its work, is viewed as more intriguing to decide on last year’s model than the latest one.

It would help if you said that the novelties brought by the 8 Flip models are not many. The Zenfone 7 Pro profits by a top-of-the-line chip offering touchy execution and an exceptionally decent 90 Hz AMOLED screen. In the photograph and the battery, nothing changes.

This is a phone that will make you tremor before your companions with this weird pivoting camera that additionally permits to make scenes more steady than some other phone.

How to pick your Asus phone? 

A module story? 

Not all ready photograph sensors on Asus phones are made equivalent. The retractable photograph module of the ZenFone 6 is unique and time practical, yet may not satisfy everybody given its general gradualness and the noise it can emanate.

How regularly would it be a good idea for me to make updates? 

While one likes the collectedness and features of the ZenUI interface, this isn’t the situation with system updates. Asus has work to do on this point. Focus on the rendition of Android installed in the phone, and check the schedule of updates before settling on your decision.


The smartphones mentioned above have great quality screens. Nonetheless, and for hits, Asus now and again decides to incorporate presentations with IPS innovation as opposed to AMOLED. The last enjoys the benefit of showing more significant differences, yet additionally of improving self-sufficiency. The AMOLED is tragically held for the most top-of-the-line products.

Genuine long-distance runners? 

This is adequately uncommon to be noticed: all Asus cell phones in our choice have significant autonomy. With batteries somewhere in the range of 5000 and 6000 mAh, none of them will allow you to, as it were. Screen the force and screen that will affect how quickly the battery will deplete.

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