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What are the best Huawei smartphones in  2021?

by Joseph Richard
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Huawei is number two in the world ranking of smartphone brands, ahead of Apple and behind Samsung. A meteoric rise in a few years that we owe to the quality of its products. Regardless of the price range, Huawei today has competitive products to offer and seems never to rest on its laurels. If you still had any doubts, here is our selection of the best Huawei smartphones that you will want to spend your money on?

1. Huawei P30 Pro

  • A charming smartphone.
  • An incredible battery
  • Fast charging at 40 W
  • A new milestone crosses in the photo

It is not uncommon for developments to be timid from one generation to the next. That manufacturers limit themselves to adding a little RAM here, to give a new design to their smartphone there. This is not the case with Huawei, which, with its P30 Pro, crosses a new milestone in photography.

Because behind its ultra-solid technical proposal, which guarantees you not only an ultra-fast smartphone and more autonomous than any other at this price range, hides, in reality, the most versatile photophone ever put on the market.

With its four cameras, the P30 Pro can offer a focal range equivalent to a 16 – 270 mm lens without losing quality. A feat, which goes beyond the note of intent. The results are simply stunning, even if they suffer – at night – from a treatment that ruins the realism of some scenes.

2. Huawei P40 Pro

  • A very, very beautiful smartphone
  • The fingerprint sensor, responsive and well placed
  • Photo quality on all sensors
  • A magician of photography

The Huawei P40 Pro is an impressive smartphone that ticks almost every box, except a software part amputated from Google services that makes it difficult to recommend for many users. Without this software restriction, the P40 Pro would deserve the maximum rating in our columns.

3. Huawei P30

  • Finally, a compact Android flagship
  • High-flying finishes
  • As powerful as the P30 Pro
  • It has everything of a great

The tide is turning. Until a year ago, manufacturers tended to release “Lite” versions of their flagship. More compact, but also less efficient. But we see it now with the Galaxy S10e and right here with the P30: opting for a smaller smartphone is no longer penalizing.

4. Huawei P Smart Plus 2019

  • Design all in roundness very pleasant
  • A superbly defined screen
  • Convincing performance
  • Irreproachable at the entry-level

there is not much to criticize this P Smart plus 2019 phone. It is an entry-level phone, with the aesthetic compromises that this presumes, but which embarks all a technological paraphernalia under the hood, allowing it to prove sufficient for the vast majority of daily uses.

5. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

  • A wow screen
  • High-flying performance
  • Autonomy is never seen before
  • Google is his friend

Just seven months after the release of a P20 Pro that redefined the codes of a Huawei more fit than ever, the Chinese manufacturer draws one of the most convincing smartphones of the year. Simply uncompromising, the Mate 20 Pro is a high-end phone that, unlike the competition, makes no compromises.

Screen to be damned, high-flying performance, significant autonomy. Only the photo part is a little behind, the fault of a much too aggressive image processing. A defect is less attributable to this model in particular than to the policy of Huawei (and Chinese smartphones in general) in this matter.

Versatility is the keyword of this new flagship signed Huawei. Impossible to fault, it is undoubtedly one of the high-end phones that best deserve the money invested in it—a great success.

How to choose a Huawei smartphone?

How long does it take for updates?

If all the products in our selection are released with the latest version of Android and the updated security patches, do not hesitate to inquire regularly to know the future software of the product you will choose. The most high-end models already benefit from EMUI 10 running Android 10. The software future of entry-level and mid-range products is more uncertain.


Huawei is not joking about the photo quality of its smartphones. Although we should not be impressed by the number of sensors, we must admit that Huawei often delivers excellent photo quality.

Wait, the best option for the best price?

Experience has shown us that the prices of Huawei’s high-end smartphones are falling relatively fast. Since improvements are incremental every year, it’s worth waiting a few months. So much so that it is not uncommon to find the best products of one year at half price the following year.

Small or large hands?

All smartphones in our selection have screens of more than 6 inches. But their integration into the chassis, their format and the size of the borders can make a big difference between a mobile user or not with one hand. A fundamental criterion to watch out for if you do not have large hands.

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