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What are the best smartphones with Jack socket in 2021

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If smartphones with a 3.5 mm mini-jack are becoming increasingly rare, there are still a few models that are equipped with them. It is often the mid- and entry-level phones that think of those who have not yet switched to wireless headphones, whether for a matter of budget or by choice for optimal sound quality and not having to charge one more accessory. Anyway, here is our selection of the best smartphones with a headphone jack.

Google Pixel 4a 5G


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  • Very nice OLED screen
  • Appointment performance
  • Very good autonomy

Google hits hard by offering with its Pixel 4a 5G one of the best value for money on the market, and unquestionably the best photo quality for this price. The shift from the high-end to the mid-range has been beneficial for the Mountain View giant. By refocusing on its strengths and offering a very balanced smartphone, Google seems to have found the right formula.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10


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  • Photos in 108 megapixels
  • An increvable battery
  • Recharged to 100% in 1 hour

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is definitely a smartphone that is worth a look. Far from being the most powerful or affordable model of the lot, it nevertheless stands out as a beautiful response from Xiaomi to its competitors when it comes to photography.

Samsung Galaxy A71


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  • Design/ergonomics
  • Overall performance
  • screen

We appreciate the successful design, the pleasant ergonomics, the OLED screen of excellent quality as well as the processing power of the Galaxy A71.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro


  • A successful design
  • An autonomy of at least 2 days
  • A standard quality photo module

The Redmi Note 9 Pro is powerful, very autonomous and capable of capturing beautiful photos with its main sensor. Too bad that its screen is poorly calibrated and that its ultra wide-angle module is not very convincing. Xiaomi’s smartphone is still a safe bet in this price range.

Choose your smartphone with jack?

Why are we finding fewer and fewer smartphones with a jack?

A few years ago, manufacturers began to remove the jack from their smartphones. They immediately drew the wrath of users of wired headphones and headphones. Today, many brands offer phones without headphones. But why do they do it? Mainly to save space in order to integrate, for example, larger batteries. But it is also a “small” saving on millions of copies. Waterproofing is not really an argument in that some manage to offer it despite the presence of a mini jack.

Why choose a smartphone with jack?

When we talk about the jack, some will say that it is an essential, others will say that the connector is now a thing of the past. The thing that everyone can agree on is on its practical side. Indeed, when your headphones no longer have a battery, you are always happy to find the jack to be able to continue using it. Same observation to connect your smartphone to some car radios in the car or to a stereo in the evening.

Another great advantage of having a wired connection is not to depend on an additional battery to recharge, or Bluetooth also consumes the battery of your smartphone. Finally, the most music lovers will be right to praise the superior sound quality that can be achieved by plugging a quality headphones or headphones directly into your phone.

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