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Greenroom, the new Spotify app competing with Clubhouse, is available on Android and iOS

by Joseph Richard
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Spotify today launches a new app that competes with Clubhouse in the audio-based social media market. Named Greenroom, it is now available in more than 135 countries (It is open to countries where Spotify is available, well, that’s a yes for Kenya) on Android and iOS.

The first try of social network for Spotify

Just like Clubhouse, Spotify is trying its luck in the field of social networks that rely on audio. This new application allows you to create and join live chat rooms around various topics. The significant difference lies in the fact that Greenroom is accessible to all, unlike Clubhouse, which wants to be more selective at the entrance by allowing registration only by invitation.

Disassociated from the Swedish music streaming application, it is nevertheless possible for new users to register on Greenroom with their Spotify credentials. New members are asked to choose a few of their interests during the account creation process to provide a relevant experience for everyone.

We will find conversations on the new application program instead of music, culture,e, and sport. It should be noted that Greenroom is based on the architecture of Locker Room, an app created by Betty Labs and dedicated to discussions on sports topics. Spotify then bought it to develop Greenroom. The overall appearance of this new version has therefore been redesigned to match the new branding.

Designed for content creators

The redesign of the Locker Room towards Greenroom tends to orient it towards more generalist topics. To do this, Spotify wants this app to be considered as an extension of the initial service. Thus, the future of this new social platform should be intimately linked to its use by content creators and artists who currently broadcast on Spotify.

One of the main objectives is to optimize the interactivity between these contributors and their listeners.

This news is all the more interesting for podcasters. Already present on Spotify for the most part, the opportunities to monetize their content could greatly expand. Spotify has already announced a fund for creators, although the details are still very distilled. However, it is mentioned that the users concerned could obtain revenues, the calculation of which would be based mainly on the popularity of their broadcasts.

The total amount allocated to this fund for creators remains to this day the unknown of the equation.

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