Apple is stingy: Buy hardware quickly now and secure an advantage


From time to time, there are gifts at Apple, but already ballet ends the generosity of the US manufacturer. A corresponding change is now scheduled for July. Techmoran reveals why it is worth buying an iPhone, iPad, Mac and other hardware beforehand.

Apple’s streaming service Apple TV + is growing slowly. Although the offer is still quite manageable, the provider convinces with award-winning quality and big stars. For Apple, probably enough reasons to take off the Spendierhosen now also times.

Apple TV + no more one year free when buying hardware

remember: If you buy a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or iPod touch, you get an entire year of free Apple TV+. So saves over a year KES 640 per month-a. Nice touch from Apple. But this generosity ends now and soon. In the fine print on Apple’s website, we read about the prices of Apple TV+: “…or get one year free if you purchase a qualifying Apple device before June 30.”And what about after that?

The Kenyan website of Apple is still silent about this, but the information can already be found in the US offer. Apple writes:

Eligible devices activated on July 1, 2021, or later will qualify for the 3-month free Apple TV+ offer, while devices started on June 30, 2021, or earlier will qualify for the 1-year free Apple TV+ offer. “

One year will only be three months in the future – a significant deterioration. After all, you lose a whole nine months or, in other words, a monetary advantage worth KSH 5743.

Finally, Apple also shows new Apple TV hardware, with the cheapest way to dust off another year of free Apple TV+. In the video, we see all the information about the latest generation:

An essential condition of the deal

So it could be worthwhile to postpone any purchase decision for an iPhone, iPad, a Mac, and Apple TV or an iPod touch and strike before the end of the month. But beware, who has already accepted the free offer in the past, does not get another year free Apple TV+. This also applies to family members if the family release has already been used in this regard. In practice, this means: The last Apple hardware purchase would probably have to be some time ago.