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LG makes OLED TVs more attractive – but not for everyone

by Joseph Richard
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Anyone who buys one of the top models of LG’s OLED TVs will think before-not least, about the service life of the devices with a proud price. LG also knows this and is now making its top models more attractive. But this does not apply to all customers.

OLED TVs from LG: five-year warranty strengthen top models

For the top performance of its smart TVs, the electronics manufacturer LG has come up with a candy: Instead of the usual manufacturer’s warranty of one year, which LG generally gives on electronics, buyers of the latest top smart TVs can look forward to additional security. It is intended to be valid for five years and includes the LG OLED Evo TV G1 and LG Signature 8K OLED TV Z1 models.

For the first year, all costs will be covered in a warranty case, for another four years at least the material costs – which should certainly fall in weight with the prices. The 55-inch cheapest variant of the G1 starts at 300 KES, at the upper end of the 88-inch Z1 waits for an almost absurd 3,836 KES. With the step of extending the warranty so significantly, LG certainly wants to lower the interested parties’ threshold-questionable whether this will succeed. It has also not been conclusively clarified whether the warranty covers the burn-in for OLED devices.

Customers in Kenya could get stuck in the throat of this guaranteed candy anyway. Because the warranty extension is only guaranteed for customers from Great Britain and the USA, as the testers from HDTVTest report in a video on YouTube:

Kenyan customers pay for an additional guarantee

Whether a comparable offer is also planned in Kenya is currently unknown. It would be conceivable that LG does not see the sales market for its expensive top models in this country. In this case, even an attractive offer would be futile labour of love if simply the demand is not present.

LG customers can also get an extended warranty of five years for their devices in Kenya, but that has a crucial catch. LG can pay for this extra service. While according to HDTVTest, the additional guarantee is included in the USA and Great Britain. Customers in Kenya would have to deliver depending on the purchase price: A maximum of 38,241 KES or 1021 KSH per month come together in the price range of the G1. There is no corresponding offer for the Z1. Kenyan customers remain at a disadvantage.

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