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Xiaomi: how to make MIUI even better

by Joseph Richard
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Xiaomi is one of the high flyers of the smartphone industry. Especially in Africa(Kenya), the Chinese company has been getting off to a good start recently. In this, however, individual problems of the in-house Android essay MIUI are becoming increasingly apparent. Xiaomi wants to tackle this with a new strategy.

Xiaomi introduced the first version of MIUI 11 years ago. Since then, the Chinese provider has constantly been adapting the software to new Android versions and increasing mobile phones. Many reviews and users are positive about MIUI and its further developments, but there are also many problems. Specifically – depending on the device – bugs appear now and then. These include, but are not limited to, a sporadically unstable user interface, sudden reboots, unreliability in displaying messages, and other errors.

MIUI team to solve problems

The bugs make themselves felt – depending on the respective device-in different intensity. How many users are affected by the problems is difficult to estimate. In any case, Xiaomi considers the errors severe enough to entrust a separate team with them. The Chinese manufacturer has chosen the newly founded “MIUI Pioneer Team”, as Xiaomi announced to Android Authority. The department consists of experts in the areas of quality assurance, hardware and software optimization, as well as various more.

The first step for the new team is to collect feedback from users. This is the best way to identify and address urgent construction sites quickly, says Xiaomi. In the course of this, online communication with customers is to be raised to a new level. In the next step, the actual MIUI improvements are on the agenda.

The work of the team benefits all versions of MIUI

MIUI development is divided mainly into two areas: the Chinese version and that for the rest of the world. The new MIUI Pioneer team should keep an eye on both versions. The work of the team will benefit all variants of MIUI, according to Xiaomi.

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