Samsung’s future Exynos, boosted to AMD’s rDNA two and supporting Ray-Tracing, would be announced in July


AMD talked about it at its conference at Computex, but things are getting a little clearer at the end of June for Samsung Exynos SoCs equipped with Radeon graphics parts. We learn today that these chips will be officially unveiled next month.

Recall that with its Exynos chips with iGPU under RDNA2 architecture, Samsung plays big. So the brand should indeed, and for the first time, launch them globally. Until now, the firm launched in some markets, including Europe, its devices with Exynos processors (designed and manufactured in-house), while for other needs (the United States in particular), it bet on Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs.

Apple’s A-series processors in the spotlight

As of next year, therefore, this should change. With this new generation of Exynos processors designed in partnership with AMD, Samsung’s idea is to succeed in matching apple’s A14 (and soon A15) chips for good, which currently remain more efficient than the Korean giant’s solutions… both in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

The goal is also to offer a more accomplished graphics experience on a smartphone, with a graphics part taking advantage of all the refinements (or almost) of AMD’s rDNA two architecture. This is a reminder of the design used by the latest graphics cards of Lisa Su’s firm and the chips of the Xbox Series X & S and the PS5. Therefore, an enormous potential carried on a mobile chip will benefit from variable refresh shading (improving in-game performance) and Ray Tracing.

The announcement in July and launch in early 2022?

The interest of this chip is also to lay, perhaps, new technical bases for future SoCs dedicated to smartphones. We can imagine that if the bet of Samsung and AMD is paid off, the competition (MediaTek, Qualcomm …) will start to add more muscular iGPU on their chips. That said, NVIDIA, for its part, seems to be expectant. The firm (which is due to buy ARM) recently indicated through its CEO that “GeForce RTX” for smartphones were not immediately available. Instead, the chameleon brand prefers, at least for now, to offer its GeForce Cloud Gaming service to gamers who want to play very comfortably on mobile.

In any case, the hardware solution carried by Samsung and AMD should materialize as early as July with a formal presentation of this new Exynos x Radeon chip. It will then remain to be seen which device will be the first to benefit from it. The Galaxy S22, with a launch expected in early 2022, seems predestined but nothing is yet confirmed.