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Which Political Party Are You Registered In? Kenyans React To To Being Registered Without Consent

by Vanessa Waithera
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A number of Kenyans found out there registered to Kenyan political parties without their consent.

I first saw it on Edgar Obare’s story where someone informed him that he had been registered as a member in a certain political party. Whether it started with him or not is not clear but what we do know is that over the weekend Kenyans did their search and found out that they were registered as political members.

A lot of Kenyans were not impressed and a majority asked how they could get out from the political parties. Little is known about this particular story apart and it is a matter of concern because the question that begs is how on earth do they get data about people? is it based on who they voted for previously and what is the main objective? below are some responses from Kenyans on Twitter.

1.E. Chenze found out that he’s registered in this party.

2.Well Deryl wasn’t too surprised, though we wonder if they chose parties based on surnames.

3. Kiplagat found himself in Jubilee.


4. Stephaji noted she wasn’t left behind either.

Have you checked to see if you’re also a part of the political party?

  1. Open the Office of The Registrar of Political Parties Link
  2. Swipe down to check the registration
  3. Enter your citizen password
  4. Check membership status

It’s quite clear that the government handles a lot of personal data that they eventually use for their own good, it is unclear why they need a bunch of people who have no clue to be in their political parties. Can we do anything to protect our data and how information is used? this is the big question.

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