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Top 9 Essay Problems Every Student Encounters

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Essay writing is not a piece of cake for everyone. Many students find this type of college assignment difficult and daunting. Quite often, it’s not for the writing itself but for the requirements that come with it. Nevertheless, if you are going to be a student or are one of them, you won’t escape writing.

Fortunately, the Internet provided students with plenty of companies ready to help them write. However, the famous EssayHub essay help company claims that it’s not only an essay service but an advisor that helps students to master essay writing.

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To help you with this, the EssayHub team has prepared a list of several most common problems students encounter when they are writing an essay. You can learn a lot from it.

Writing an Introduction

It’s always hard to begin to write something. The introduction, as the first stage of the writing process, often scares students. However, the key to writing a great introduction lies in essay writing preparation.

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Start by learning the topic and creating an outline for your essay. Once you know what your essay is about, you’ll find it easier to find the right words to begin.

Difficulties With the Thesis Statement

A good thesis statement is a hook that catches readers’ attention. This rule works for both academic essays and journalistic articles. You need to master this skill to get the highest grades from your professors.

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A thesis statement that draws attention explains what the essay is about in a subtle way. For example, you can ask the main question of the essay or explain the purpose of writing. 

To write a great thesis statement, leave it until you write the whole essay. You can have a sample of your thesis statement ready, but you need to get back to it when you finish writing.

Unawareness of the Target Audience

To make our targeted audience aware of the services EssayHub provides, we refer potential clients to the NoCramming website that crafts essay writing services reviews. Such a trick helps us connect with future clients through the existing ones.

When you are writing your essay, knowing your audience becomes more difficult. Even if these are your classmates or professors, the goal is to keep your language elaborate but simple. If you overuse complex terminology, your introduction will turn into a complete disaster.

Lack of Evidence

Looking for the right evidence to support your ideas in the essay can be tedious. However, stop thinking of it as a problem. There are lots of online libraries where conference materials, scientific papers, and journal articles are available for review for free or with a subscription.

Also, professors’ instructions often include a list of recommended sources. Most of them are great in helping you craft a winning essay.

Poor Analysis

Lack of analysis leads to poor ideas in your academic writing. You not only have to study the topic but also formulate your own ideas and guide your readers to some conclusions. Take some time to think about the problem so that you could come up with new solutions and critically evaluate them.

Academic Structure Requirements

Essay writing is not free writing. It does not allow you to just put your ideas on paper. On the contrary, you should make sure your text is logical and consistent.

It may sound difficult, but there is great wisdom in it. After all, you don’t write it for yourself. You write for others to understand you. Thus, keep the structure simple and clear to make others enjoy your flow of ideas rather than stumble on each of them.

Punctuation Issues

Both excessive use of commas and a lack of them can cause a big problem to your essay. You’d better write using simple sentence constructions rather than burden your readers with readability issues. At the same time, if you don’t put enough commas, some sentences may sound ambiguous.

To get rid of the problem, run your essay through grammar and readability checkers before you submit it. If they find any sentence that needs improvement, go ahead and make suggested refinements.

Lack of Conclusion

Many students omit writing a proper conclusion or write one sentence trying to finalize their essay. It’s a totally wrong strategy. You need to finish your essay so that it looks complete to your readers.

Even a poor conclusion looks better than none. However, it’s in your power to perfect it. Just think of your thesis statement and how your essay proves it right or wrong. Answer the main question of your essay by looking back at the evidence that you’ve provided.

Don’t, however, list any new thoughts in the conclusion section. If you do, your readers will be confused why you finish writing if there are new thoughts that need some continuation.

Lack of Confidence

Your lack of confidence is indeed a big enemy of yours. It can seriously spoil things for you when you are writing an essay. That’s why you shouldn’t anticipate failure. Do your best to write a great paper and impress everyone around. You have all the resources for it.

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