Qualities of a perfect Progressive web app


The progressive web apps are assumed to be the next hit for mobile websites. Their development started in 2015, but it is frequently growing in the last 2-3 years. Every other company is opting for a PWA. Progressive web app development is easy to understand and is user-friendly too. It is a collaboration of the finest features of a website and application. Getting the best of both worlds through a single app. Here we will talk about the qualities a good PWA has in it. The competition is tough, and only the best survives!

Execution of tasks

A progressive web app must work faster than a standard native app. Therefore, one of the critical features of PWA is the smooth and rapid loading and working.

Compatibility with the browsers 

Another essential feature is to be responsive to all the browsers. The various kinds of browsers are dependent on the device being used by the user. When considering all devices, we should know that each of them has a different screen size. A progressive web app should respond to all efficiently and adapt itself to the device. You have to make sure that the data modifies itself according to any change in the screen and viewing size.


PWAs have the best security. An extensively developed progressive web app has no risks of getting hacked or attacked by any outside body. No insecurity is a threat to PWA. These usually are served by the HTTP or TLS connections. It makes them reliable for your data, transactions, money transfers, etc.

Addition to the user screen

When we browse on the web and find valuable sites, we usually bookmark them. This creates hassle, and you can also lose it or mix it up. It seems like a big chore. A progressive web app allows you to have the apps on your home screen. This way, it is super easy to use them whenever you like. Users return to it again and again if it is easily accessible. Hence, increasing the engagement.


Sites do not send you any notifications. Even alerts are a no. This used to be a feature only apps had access to. But those times end here. A good PWA will send you notifications to keep you updated. Most of these are pushed, and it makes the user experience easier.

No app store hassle

When you get ready to publish a progressive web app, you will be relieved to know that there is no app store trouble. Similar to a website, you can carry out your work without the store.

Communication with your users

It is vital that your users are informed about whatever is happening in the app. A slow, sloppy and glitchy app will lose your clients. When something goes wrong, or any update arrives, the user must know about it in the first place. Having to wait for a task to operate and primarily online requires extreme patience. Most people do not have that kind of time. If you have to keep them waiting, you need to inform them about the reason behind the delay. A sound communication system means firmly committed users. And that is an excellent quality.

Wrapping it up

If you plan on running a software development company, having a PWA should be on the top of the list. It will help you grow your audience. Having qualities of both sites and apps, a PWA is a must-have!