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OLITT, a no-code website builder launches to help users build websites & online stores in minutes

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OLITT,  a no-code website builder has launched to help users build websites and online stores in minutes, taking a cue from international no-code platform Wix.

Built by Kenya’s Truehost Cloud, OLITT is an AI-powered no-code website builder and online store builder run independently from Truehost Cloud to allow small businesses to launch websites and online stores in 5 minutes without writing a single line of code.

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Taking to TechMoran, OLITT’s David Murimi says OLITT is a platform for small business owners, professionals, fundis, and other blue-collar professionals who want to build their online stores or portfolio sites as fast as possible.

Through OLITT, users can showcase goods and services online by generating cool websites for their ventures quickly so that they start selling goods and services via online shops. OLITT supports multiple payment platforms such as M-PESA, Airtel Money, Visa and Mastercard, Stipe, PayPal, among others across Africa.

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Here is what David told us.

Who can use OLITT?

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As we speak now, there is no simpler way of advertising your business online than just creating an OLITT website for it.

Anyone can do it, it is as simple as using WhatsApp. We have seen guys create simple shops on OLITT to market and sell their products. Other users can convert their Twitter handle to a website, it takes a few clicks on OLITT.

We have users as young as 19, mostly form 4 leavers using it. Yes, it’s one of the few platforms that a form 4 leaver can use to launch a website.

Actually, OLITT have partnered with colleges such as Achievers College to introduce OLITT to form 4 leavers. It takes 1 hour or so to have a form leaver become a professional web developer, who can offer websites and shopping cart websites to businesses, thus creating jobs.

Does OLITT undermine the role of developers?

You might think that OLITT undermines web developers, which is not the case, we are partnering with developers to fine-tune OLITT to their liking. Previously a developer would take 2 days or so to deliver a website project, we now have developers launching 5 or so stunning websites in a day.

By the way, we have AI content generator, you do not need to struggle to come up with articles, our AI creates plagiarism free, grammatically correct content on virtually any subject.

What are the pricing plans?

There is a free plan for basic users and basic websites which unlike Wix allows custom domain connection.

But if you need some Pro features, it is available as low as Ksh. 4k per year, it gets as low as 199 bob per month when you take longer periods and mind you this comes with a free domain name for 1 year.

Who else is using OLITT?

More than 8k websites are now live on OLITT, on average Website owners took 6 minutes to create their websites.

Get yours now at

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