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Benefits of VPN For Work From Home Employees

We all know that remote work isn’t going anywhere soon.

Companies are adopting the new normal and a new way to work.

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That being said, investing in a good VPN service for your work-from-home employees is the need of the hour. Whether it’s the best free VPN for Mac, good VPNs for content streaming, or reliable VPNs for work from home employees, ensuring security and privacy is a must in all cases.

But before counting on any VPN connections, it’s necessary to understand their benefits first.

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Let’s start with the “why” first.

Why Do Your Work From Home Employees Need A VPN?

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As per help net security, 68% of employees say that their company extended VPN usage due to COVID-19.

Also, 29% say their organization started using a VPN for the first time. These stats show that we are all pretty naive in the VPN world.  Even for the work-from-home employees, the growing technology and security space is a new thing.

Your remote employees need to share files or may require access to geo-restricted content for the company.  One secured VPN connection can help do it all.

  1. Private Data Protection

As per Entrepreneur, 91% of global respondents reported an increase in cyber-attacks since the pandemic started.

That implies that the need to guard remote workers and company information against online attacks is vital. Working remotely does increase the vulnerability of employees to hackers and third parties.

For this reason, a VPN connection helps you to increase your productivity. It multiplies your time by taking privacy matters into its hands. Ultimately, it reduces your efforts and allows your employees to focus on work.

  1. Device Protection

We can agree that when you’re working from home, your technological devices, be it a laptop or phone, aren’t as protected as they needed to be.

When you use a good VPN connection at home, it eliminates security concerns whether you’re working from your home, a cafe, shopping malls, or any transport hubs.

This is where a good VPN acts like a shield. It not only detects the hackers or sprayers but tricks them into rerouting the traffic and encrypting all the data, so nothing is lost or misplaced.

  1. Access To Internal Systems

Forbes mentions that organizations give away the entire access of their systems to their vendors in today’s cloud environment. This is a clear invitation to malware and hackers in your system.

As for your work-from-home employees, having a good VPN connection can solve this issue and restrict access to the internal system from an anonymous third party.

VPNs help your employees to connect to different resources and access control. Different users can have different levels of access to the data. This also means that any unauthorized user could view or alter confidential data, resulting in a data breach.

That’s why access control and management are crucial for protecting and securing corporate data. A VPN is the one-stop guide that can handle all these issues.

  1. Reduce Liabilities

Remote working is a security risk in many ways, and you’re reliable for every mishap.

Whether it’s password issues, third parties content access, or any third-party interference, you’ve to handle your work plus the security of the process.

But a secured VPN connection can help you focus more on work and less on other things.

Since encrypted connections cannot be altered, your password remains safe, and data is protected from any third-party breach.

Features To Look For While Choosing A VPN For Employees

Before choosing a VPN for work-from-home employees, make sure you know all you need to know about VPNs for secured and more hassle-free usage.

We know that VPN is famous for security and maintaining privacy. This means that it’s better to have an additional layer of security that can protect your data from any malicious identity.

Two-factor authentication is one such feature that protects your password. This means once you have entered your registered password, the account will ask you to identify yourself by asking for a code.

The advantage of this code is that it’s generated within the app on a scrolling timer and expires every ninety seconds. If someone wants to access it, they require your express permission to open it.

It acts like a text message-based verification (the code). And even if a cybercriminal acquires your password and tries to access your account, he will need to have physical access to your device as well.

  1. Strong Encryption

A good VPN helps employees protect company and customer data with a strong encryption method. It encrypts the traffic and scrambles it so no one can understand it. In a way, this prevents your data from being compromised.

  1. Reliability

It’s good to consider how you can provide your remote employees an extra layer of protection. And for this purpose, a reliable VPN connection is all you will ever need.

Few factors to consider before choosing a reliable VPN.

It should include:

  • Military-Grade Encryption System
  • Great connection Speed
  • Unlimited Data Transmission
  • A good firewall
  • Multiple Device Support
  • Worldwide Servers
  • VPN Blocking system

A clear checklist will eliminate all your confusion.


To conclude, a VPN eliminates unnecessary insecurities among your employees, and this, in turn, boosts your company output.

The best way to make the most of this time is by prioritizing your organization’s security and privacy before anything else.

No one wants their or their employee’s efforts to go in vain, and that’s where a good VPN protects your work-from-home employee’s data and handles other security issues.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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