Zoom prepares for machine translation by buying an AI company


In a press release, Zoom, the partner in teleworking and lockdown visions, announces the acquisition of Kites, a German start-up specializing in instant translation.

Who has never dreamed of speaking all languages? There is always something fantastic about watching a person “switch” in no time. Zoom should soon allow everyone to break down language barriers all over the world (or almost).

Kites boast 56 years of collective R&D experience in AI and linguistic processes

Kites Gmbh is a German start-up founded in 2015 by Dr. Sebastian Stüker. The idea developed by the company is to succeed in recognizing a language by its finest specificities and to succeed in translating it with the lowest possible latency.

In addition to revisiting Zoom’s desire to offer a better service to their users, Velchamy Sankarlingam, Zoom’s president of product and engineering, says that the alignment of missions between Zoom and Kites allows for smooth collaboration to break down language, geography, or anything else related to it. However, a good speech should be taken with caution since the press release specifies that the content is part of a general will without committing itself.

So, while waiting for the possible advent of integrating AI-stamped Kites on the Zoom platform, there are alternatives if you are too impatient without being too demanding. Slatch, a French start-up, offers an instant messaging application that integrates live translation.