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Best Time-Tested Ways to Build a Solid Instagram Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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Instagram has a major advantage compared to other social media sites because it is visually stunning. In case, you have a business that is more design-oriented or service has visual appeal, Instagram is the best bet for you. Jaw-dropping photos, videos, as well as illustrations, make Instagram happening, and therefore, it is the best platform to promote your products or services. According to an article published in Entrepreneur, you can grow your brand on Instagram by making the most out of free IG tools. 

You need to decide on your social media marketing strategy and figure out what type of Instagram content you would like to share for increased likes, comments, and engagement. Establishing a rock-solid strategy before using Instagram will help you focus on your marketing goals better and reach out to your targeted audiences. Here are some of the proven ways to build a powerful Instagram marketing strategy for your business:

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Decide on your audience first

You need to figure out who your audience is before you start promoting your products or services on Instagram. In case, you have other marketing tactics in place, you can take inspiration from those to ensure your social media marketing efforts are consistent. You need to factor in aspects like location, age, gender, interests, preferences, income, inspirations, as well as pain points. Once you know your audience, you can start creating and sharing stunning content and buy comments Instagram

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If you are unsure of where to begin, keep watch on popular events and hashtags related to your brand. You need to see who is using these hashtags and checking your Instagram account. You may also look at the followers of your competitors. Use the right IG tools and Instagram will help you take your branding to the next level. 

Decide your Instagram goals 

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Before you market on this visual social media app, ask why you chose Instagram in the first place. Just because many businesses are using it you should not choose IG. You need to become successful on this social site in the future and to achieve it; you need to have defined social media marketing goals for justifying your time, effort, financial investment, and energy. 

You may want to use your IG account to sell your products or services because many e-commerce websites are doing the same. You may also use IG because you want to highlight your portfolio so that your audience can get an idea of your product or service. 

Again, you are using Instagram to boost your brand image and awareness by sharing high-definition photos, videos, or just some motivational quotes. You don’t need to post product images all the time. Experiment with fun visuals as well. 

Some brands use Instagram to post user-generated content or UGC for garnering maximum likes and comments. These days, customers like to see real using your product or service. For example, if you have a restaurant to promote, people will like watching guests dining at your place. 

Analyze your competitors 

Without competitor analysis, you cannot succeed in your Instagram marketing strategy. You need to see what other businesses like you are sharing on social media. When you know the names of your best competitors, analyze their IG accounts. If you do not know who your competitors are, look for keywords (KWs) relevant to your business to discover similar profiles. 

Audit the relevant IG accounts and see what kind of content they are sharing and which posts generating maximum engagement. You also need to understand what hashtags they use, the use of captions, what the frequency of their posts is, how fast their brand is growing on the social media landscape, and things like that. Do not copy their strategies directly but draw inspiration to kick-start your Instagram marketing strategy. You need to improvise and not ape other social media accounts. 

You also need to keep note of the opportunities your competitors missed and why. Learn from their mistakes to build a rock-solid Instagram strategy. Besides, you need to include one-off content into your social media content strategy to make your brand stick out from the rest. 

Create a consistent brand 

There is no use in sharing irrelevant or random IG content, as you will end up annoying or perplexing your followers. You may even lose them. You need to build consistent branding and maintain a uniform brand aesthetic on your IG profile. For instance, if you are using blue in your IG posts, use it consistently. Again, if you are using a professional photographer for posting images or videos, do it consistently. It should not be a random mix of smartphone clicks and DSLR images. People will know. 

When establishing consistent branding, focus on your business values. Understand how your employees and clients define your business. Is your brand playful, fun, bold, adventurous, or witty?

You can incorporate a brand persona, which is organized, brilliant, and tidy. Your posts must reflect all these aspects uniformly whenever you post. Usually, brand aesthetics help your business to become identifiable by your audience. It implies that a user can see your IG image and know that it is your brand without looking at your business name. Look up platforms such as IIgers if you would like to learn more about Instagram marketing increasing likes and comments. 

You can draw inspiration from brands like Taco Bell. When it comes to brand aesthetics, Taco bell is the best example you can see. Their IG feed highlights the brave, on-the-go lifestyle of the millennial generation, using fun visuals to build engagement. 

The brand aesthetic is not only about bright visuals. You also need to create an interesting brand narrative like using persuasive stories in the captions section to make your business more relatable to your audiences. For instance, Red Bull shows several high-energy photos as well as videos that add value to their brand’s narrative. 


Instagram marketing will help your brand better and bigger provided you use these time-honored ways to promote your products or services. Create an immersive social media experience for your followers and customers to establish your brand’s visual identity on the digital landscape. Use nothing but high-quality content on Instagram because there is no place for mediocrity on this platform. 

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