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Galaxy Watch 4 prices may be revealed

Leak reveals what are reported to be the prices of Samsung’s upcoming smartwatches.

Samsung won’t tell you anything until August, but according to the website MySmartPrice, a leak has already gone out with the price range the upcoming smartwatches will end up in.

According to MySmartPrice, the regular Galaxy Watch will be released in two sizes – 40 and 44 millimeters. The smaller one is estimated to be between KSH 44,824 and KSH 47,374, while the larger one is between EUR 380 and EUR 400. Color-wise, they will appear in black, silver, green and gold.

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will appear in a 42 millimeter model with a price tag of between 60 207 and 64,050 KSH, as well as a variant of 46 millimeters for 64,050 -67,893 KSH. Here the colors on offer will be black and silver.

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