Xiaomi is planning a unique smartphone where even Samsung becomes envious


Xiaomi is among the rising stars of the smartphone business after Huawei was dumped. However, the Chinese company wants to fill Huawei’s place and wants to attack Samsung. To do this, Xiaomi is planning a tremendous foldable smartphone that combines the advantages of two worlds.

Xiaomi develops an exceptional folding smartphone

Samsung leads the market with foldable smartphones unchallenged. With the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, two more models will soon be presented. Xiaomi is still holding back, although, for years, its folding smartphone has been planned. Now a new design patent appears, revealing a unique look (source: LetsGoDigital). On the folding smartphone from the Huawei model, the display is outside. In addition, there is an area where the camera has a lot of space. At Samsung, however, the foldable collection is securely housed inside. Xiaomi combines both ideas in a foldable smartphone and goes one step further:

Xiaomi is planning a very special folding smartphone. 
(Image: LetsGoDigital)

While Samsung relies on two displays in the Galaxy Fold, where the outer screen works independently, Xiaomi wants to pull a long panel from the inside to the outside. So the transition is seamless. Due to the protruding part on the inside, the side with the display is protected in the folded state during transport. For users, this could create an entirely new user experience. Completely open so that you can use the entire display, but it probably does not work.

When will the first folding smartphone from Xiaomi arrive?

Xiaomi had already shown a double foldable phone years ago, but this one has never come on the market. In recent months, great ideas have repeatedly appeared that have not been implemented. That’s why we wouldn’t have too high hopes for the new design patent. After all, Samsung wants to sell its foldable displays soon. So that in the future, we will probably get some smartphones that will look very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip.