How To Move Your Chats From WhatsApp To Telegram


Telegram enables users to move chats and media from other messaging apps by using the Export Chat menu.

Telegram had rolled out an option to transfer chats from any social media app along with the media. Many users have switched to alternatives like Telegram and Signal as WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has raised discussions on privacy and has attracted a lot of attention.

Even though WhatsApp has noted that the app will not stop working for users who do not immediately accept the new privacy policy, the messaging app is still under fire from the authorities. If you are sceptical about the new terms of service and have already moved to an alternative app, you can move your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram by following the given steps:

— Open WhatsApp

— Select a chat in WhatsApp which you want to move

— Tap the three vertical dots on the top right corner.

— Tap on Export Chat > select Telegram in the Share menu.

— Users will be asked if they want to restore the chats with or without media. You can select the option as per your preference.
Similarly, users can move a chat from WhatsApp on iOS by following the given steps:

— Open WhatsApp

— Select chat to be moves

— Open Contact Info or Group info page in WhatsApp.

— Tap Export Chat

— Choose Telegram in the Share menu.

Telegram had noted that the messages and media do not occupy extra space. Users can further free up space by going to Settings > Data and Storage > Storage Usage. Telegram users must however note that chats are not encrypted by default on Telegram and users need to enable a secret conversation for messages to be encrypted.

Signal enables users to export WhatsApp group contacts by sending out a link. Here is how you can do it:

— Open the Signal app,

— Tap on the three dots in the top right corner

— Create a group on the app.

— Give the newly created group a name

— Enter the contacts you want on the Signal group chat.

— Go to the new Signal group

–Tap on three dots in the top right corner.

— Select Settings > click on the Group link.

— Activate the Group link by turning it on and tapping on the Share option.

— Go to WhatsApp group chat and paste the group link.

On Signal, users can rotate or disable links at any time. Users can also tweak settings that require approval from a group admin before new members join.