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Most Competitive Games for PC, Xbox, Playstation & Mobile

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Looking for the most competitive games to play or want to challenge your opponent in the fighting game? Well in this article we have lined up the highly competitive games one can get hands on challenging experience. In the competitive games landscape, player can measure the competency potential from the rest.

Now a days competitive games are the most popular games and there’s hundreds of the games to choose from. Not sure which one to go with?

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We have listed the 5 most competitive games for muti-platforms like PC, Xbox, mobile and Playstation as well. In order to play these competitive games players must need to have a good gaming system. One can have a fully loaded prebuilt PC gaming setup under budget or even can build one with their choice. Computers are preferable over the gaming consoles for the competitive games.

You can get started with one of these top 5 competitive games depending on your taste of action. Let’s check out the top games list.

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Dota 2 is one of the most growing game in the battle ground games. Player is teamed up with other 3 players and dropped into a battle area to survive to the last by finishing the rest of the opponent teams. Team must defend their territory and try to capture the land of enemy by destroying their bases and camps. 

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It is very thrilling and exciting game that demand focus of every player of the team to win the battle. Every player is different in their capabilities in every match they face a different competitive experience. Dota 2 is one of the best multiplayer competitive game to take a start. 


Fortnite is a third person shooting survival game launched back in 2017 by the Epic Games. One of the best competitive game when it comes to the eSports games. 

In the start of the battle royal you and other ninety nine players are dropped into the battle zone from a air-drop. As the player lands, have to loot for weapon, items, vehicles and other resources to build their defense against the enemies. Players are pushed to the center zone till one last survival left.  

Fortnite eSports competition gets huge popularity by the ‘Fortnite World Cup’ is really anticipated tournament that generates prizes of valued nearly about $300 million US dollars.

League of Legends

League of legends developed by the Riot Games about a decade ago. It is another one of the most popular competitive game to play. It’s a five players team versus the other five players team to destroy the opponent team camps and bases. Every player of the team shares their part to defeat the enemy. Players are called to be in a role of unseen Summoner which are controlled by a single Champion who carry the rare abilities than the other players. It’s based on the fighting with the enemy and defeating the nexus which is the structure in the center of enemy’s land.

League of Legends eSports championships are held every year and the League of Legends World Cup pull the prizes of over one million dollars.


Overwatch was launched in 2016 and became a huge success among the competitive games genre for it’s team based gameplay. In the game you team up with five other players and defend your landscape. Not just defending but also move ahead and take out your enemies to expand your territory with the help of your team mates. 

It features perfect action packed gameplay for the ones that love fighting and competitive games. It’s also one of the best game to go for eSports as well.  

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooting survival game about the counter terrorist. In this game each of the team is given a number of specific tasks like killing someone, rescuing a hostage to gain more points as complete one objective. It maintains an amazingly active players community and also held the eSports tournaments as well. CSGO has seen so many championships with the prizes pool of over millions of dollars.

These are all of the top 5 most competitive games one can go with to build their career as a pro gamer in the eSports industry.

Securing Your Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles are relatively safer than the PCs and mobiles. But, the hackers can get access to the user’s accounts and invade the personal data and also can easily resolve their IP address or geo-location through xbox resolver apps.

Here is some way to protect your gaming console from the hacking

  • Always keep secure code and password for your gaming account
  • Never download data from suspicious links.
  • Always keep your home network safe. 
  • Frequently change your passwords to be super safe and protect your gaming console, keep your gaming account safe. 
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