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Top Deals On Android Apps: These applications are now Free for a limited time

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We have arrived at the week’s end, and what’s the norm here at TechMoran? Precisely: another rundown brimming with applications and games for Android that are free for a brief time frame in the Google Play Store. Try not to sit around idly by setting aside cash for you to have any of these offers on your Smartphone.

We were again searching for really paid applications that are accessible for a brief timeframe. So this is purposely not about free applications like WhatsApp or Telegram, which are by and large accessible for nothing. You will discover mobile games and applications in our guide today, which are offered for nothing but as a way of promoting these applications to more users of the respective app store.

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Our Plea: If you come across an application in our guide today, but you don’t feel like utilizing the application on your Smartphone, make sure that that it is installed in your device, and then you can proceed to uninstall the app so that later you can install it without being charged as it is already available in your library

Free Android Applications

Digital Dashboard GPS Pro (Was Ksh 200.00) (closes on Monday): Records your rides via vehicle, bike or even bicycle. If you wish, you can switch between a vehicle odometer or bike speedometer and can likewise find yourself on maps.

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PDF Editor Pro (Was KSH 200.00): Edit, pack and secure your  PDF records with alternatives to embed pictures, round out forms and surprisingly sign reports on the screen of your Smartphone or tablet.

Unit Converter Pro (Was Ksh 200.00)Something does ring in your mind from just the name of these applications. With this tool, it is possible to have your units in 18 different categories, for example, speed, time and mass and many more you can think of.

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SnipBack – Voice recorder Smart PRO HD (was Ksh 290.00) (ends on Monday): Listen to what is happening in your Smartphone’s background using these apps. The last 30 seconds will be recorded as soon as you tap the record button.

Reminder Pro (Was Ksh 300.00): If you find yourself skipping the most important schedules you must undertake, These apps may be the perfect remedy for your problems.

Top Deals On Android Games

Calc Fast ( Was Ksh 200.00): Do you want to be at the same level as Albert einstein? Calc fast may be the best app to simulate your thinking  mathematically

Sudoku Challenge (Was Ksh 200.00) (ends on Monday): A sudoku game is a game everyone should be familiar with from a tender age. What are you waiting for? Grab this app before the end of Monday

Super Football Champions (was Ksh 600.00) (ends on Monday): Is Football your first love? With these applications, you will be able t feel the old but good soccer.

League of Stickman (Was Ksh 200.00) (includes ads and in-app purchases). Defeat your rivalries while conquering many levels within the game

So those are the best android apps that are still free. However, keep in mind that these applications some of them may be chargeable at the time of reading this article. If so, leave a comment at the end of the paper to update the report as soon as possible.

Also, check in these week for free iOS apps. Later on, we will consider that

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