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Five Google features might help you keep your accounts safe and secure.

by Yvone Kendi
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Now that people are spending more time online, there is a need to double down on protecting online accounts from security breaches.

To keep your accounts and information secure, here are some Google tools and features that can help beyond the use of passwords.

Multi-factor Authentication

Google is also integrating advanced security technologies into devices to make multi-factor authentication as simple as a password and even safer.

Security keys, for example, are now incorporated right into Android smartphones. Users on iOS can now use the Google Smart Lock app to use their phones as a secondary authentication method.

Importing Passwords

Password Import allows consumers to effortlessly transfer up to 1,000 passwords at a time from various third-party sites into Google’s Password Manager for free, ensuring that all of their passwords are safeguarded by Google’s sophisticated security and privacy technology.

Security Checkup

It’s crucial to verify if credentials have been compromised regularly. People will be automatically notified if their password has been compromised by Security Checkup. It also tells you whether you’re using the same password for several accounts and how strong your passwords are.

Two-step Verification

Having a second form of verification in place helps confirm that account owners are the ones trying to access their respective accounts. Those who have signed up for Two-step Verification (2SV) can authenticate their identities with a simple tap on their phones via a Google prompt.

Password Manager

This feature, which is available in Chrome, Android, and iOS, makes it simple to create and use complicated and unique passwords without having to remember or repeat them.

Password Manager automatically fills in a user’s password whenever they visit a website or sign in to an app when connected to their Google Account.

Check out the above-mentioned tools and features today and reduce the spread of weak credentials.

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