China phone brand start cheating on RAM in Smartphones

realme gt master edition

The memory in an Android smartphone plays an important role and determines how performant a device is. A first Chinese manufacturer has now found a way to advertise with more memory than is installed. That could become a big problem.

Realme GT Master Edition doesn’t have 19 GB of RAM at all

the Realme GT, a quite interesting smartphone, has a good price-performance ratio. The Chinese manufacturer will soon present a “Master Edition” of it and promote it in China on Weibo. Interestingly, it speaks of 19 GB of RAM. How is this possible? There is no memory in size:

That’s also true because Realme benefits from a very special feature of the software. The smartphone has 12 GB of physical RAM, which is installed, and 7 GB of virtual RAM, released by software and comes from internal memory. Just recently, we explained in a post what advantages this could have. Especially slow smartphones could benefit from this technology. However, it should not be used to fool the user into believing that a smartphone has more real memory than it does. Here it works afterwards.

With 12 GB of RAM, it makes absolutely no difference to the performance that there are still 7 GB of internal memory being ripped off. It is rather the opposite the case because you lose internal memory. Here you want to throw around again with large numbers that offer no advantage for everyday life.

Memory scams the next trend?

The Realme GT Master Edition is the first Android smartphone to advertise with more MEMORY than is installed. Internal memory is not as fast as memory. So equality is wrong. Let’s hope that Realme doesn’t show that when providing the technical data. Otherwise, we would not be surprised if cheap smartphones soon suddenly have over 20 GB of RAM on paper, but only a fraction of it is a really real memory.