After the iPhone 13: Apple’s campaigns for a low-priced model of the smartphone


In a few weeks, the iPhone 13 will premiere, but what comes next? In any case, no iPhone 14 at first, because before that, industry insiders expect a new cheap model from Apple. Encouragingly, customers do not have to compromise on performance, according to a report.

The iPhone 13 has been in the bag for a long time, is probably secretly produced by Apple these days so that nothing stands in the way of a release in September. Even more speculative is the future of a new cheap model – the third-generation iPhone SE, which is to be released in the first half of 2022.

After the iPhone 13 comes an iPhone SE 3 – with Apple’s A15!

Experts and insiders have already drawn a pretty clear picture of the iPhone SE 3, but there is still some uncertainty in detail. The design and the display size are considered set, are taken over from the previous model. It seems to remain with the 4.7-inch screen and Touch ID, including a home button. The experts, on the other hand, did not expect a fundamental redesign until 2023. But how does the new model differ from the current variant?

A look inside creates clarity, according to a recent report. Apple is considering using the brand new A15 chip in the well-known case, the same processor that will do its job in the iPhone 13. Quite remarkable if Apple went that far. Previous reports, including from the industry insiders of DigiTimes, instead located the already known A14 – not wrong, but the A15 would be an actual announcement and a joyful surprise. In principle, such a mobile phone would be on par with the iPhone 13, at least in terms of computing power.

Two jobs for one Apple phone

Relatively undisputed, however, is the integration of a 5G modem from Qualcomm. You can already say: The iPhone SE of the third generation will be Apple’s cheapest 5G phone next year. However, the most affordable model will probably have to take on another “job” later in the year.

Also, the latest report mentions the discontinuation of the iPhone minis. There will be one last model with the iPhone 13, but then it’s over. From autumn 2022, the iPhone SE will be Apple’s most compact mobile phone. However, it is certainly not a total replacement for the iPhone 13 mini. Customers should consider this when choosing their device next year.