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Apps You Should Download to Your New Smartphone.

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So, you just unboxed a brand new smartphone. A brand-new phone is a thrilling new frontier. With millions of apps to choose from, this small device will certainly become an integral part of your daily routine. But where do you begin?

The Android apps on this list are diverse, but they don’t even come close to being comprehensive. There are just too many alternatives and tastes to cater to for one list. This list, on the other hand, strives to meet as many demands as possible by featuring apps that are the finest in their respective areas.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. The 7 Must-Have Android Apps to Get Right Now are listed below.

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  • Pocket(Price: Free or optional subscription for advanced features.)

This app serves as a convenient repository for all of those internet articles that you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t yet. It collects them in one place and even removes advertisements to make reading easier. Pocket is a terrific solution to get rid of all those unused open tabs that begin to accumulate. The articles can also be read offline.

  • Xender(Price: Free)

Gone are the days when sending a file from one phone to another over Bluetooth took three minutes. Also, toss out the USB cable. Xender is a file transfer application that allows you to send any form of file from one device to another. Android, iOS, Tizen, MacOS, and Windows are all supported. It’s also been lauded as one of the quickest ways to transfer or receive any form of media from or to a phone.

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  • Snapseed(Price: Free)

Thousands of photo editing apps are available. Snapseed, on the other hand, stands out by providing both advanced and basic photo editing features that are easy to use. Simply apply a filter to it, or go farther by modifying or eliminating certain areas. It’s all possible, and you don’t even need an editing background to use the app.

  • A VPN(Both free (but not recommended) and subscription-based options )

Security apps are no longer reserved for early adopters. Security is an important aspect of any experience, and security apps are plenty nowadays. Although not all of them are winners, having a VPN should be on everyone’s to-do list.

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The people who utilize VPN services are as diverse as the people who use them. Users should look around for the finest VPN for their needs, lifestyle, and budget.

  • Comixology Comics($5,99 USD subscription per month.)

These days, almost no one has time to go out and buy a comic book, and it’s also not eco friendly. That isn’t to say that comics aren’t in high demand. Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

Comics by Comixology is one of the greatest apps on the Play Store right now. It offers access to over 100 000 quality comics and manga from big publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and BOOM! – BOOM!. The app provides a magnificently smooth user-experience with features like SD support, offline reading, and syncing across unlimited devices.

  • Swiftkey(Price: Free)

The standard Android keyboard has nothing wrong with it, but there’s always potential for improvement. Swiftkey employs intelligent autocorrect to learn a person’s preferred names, slang, and colloquialisms to make better predictions. Multiple language support, swipe to type, emoji, GIFs, and custom color themes are all included in the app.

  • VLC Player(Price: Free)

Although Android already has a decent media player, VLC is still a worthwhile addition to any app drawer. It supports practically every media type and comes with a slew of added functions. VLC allows users to transition videos to a pop-up window while using other apps. They can also use the same WiFi network to stream content from another device (such as a PC) to the phone.

  • 1Weather(Price: Free / $1.99)

1Weather is a fantastic weather software with a lot of useful features. A ten-day forecast, weather radar, current weather conditions, and home screen widgets are included. This one, on the other hand, offers a 12-week forecast, lunar cycles, and other important or entertaining information.I also like the weather fun facts that appear when you launch the app.For us, this is a simple recommendation. The free and premium versions of the program are functionally identical, with the exception that the free version contains adverts while the premium version does not. Plus, there are no subscription fees or anything like that. Also worth considering are AccuWeather, Dark Sky, and Apex Weather.

  • Adobe Lightroom(Price: Free / Up to $52.99 per month)

One of the best picture editing apps for Android is Adobe Lightroom. It includes a plethora of photo editing capabilities, both basic and expert. It should work for almost any situation although the UI takes a little while to get used to. If you want the desktop version as well, it’s included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription.We also recommend Snapseed and Pixlr for a simpler, more streamlined experience if this is a little too much for your needs.

  • Flipboard(Free)

Flipboard is one of the most popular Android news apps. It gained popularity for its magazine-style animations. It is, however, a good news app. For a range of themes, such as foreign news, technology, current events, and more, you can pick and choose which news sites you trust. The app is simple enough for practically anyone to use. The app also has several clever features to spice things up a little.It’s a solid overall experience. Feedly, Microsoft News, and Google News are all good alternatives.

  • Google Drive(Price: Free / $1.99+ per month)

Google Drive is a comprehensive collection of productivity tools. The suite comprises Google Drive for cloud storage, Google Docs for word processing, Google Sheets for spreadsheets, Google Slides for presentations, and Google Keep Notes for note taking. For those who want a little more oomph, there’s also a Google PDF Reader app.The free accounts come with 15GB of storage, which is more than enough for most users. You can also use Google Photos to back up your photos indefinitely. It’s a component of the Google Drive suite. With the apps listed above, you should be able to meet almost all of your basic productivity demands.

  • Podcast Addict(Price: Free / $3.99)

Podcast Addict is a podcast player that includes all of the essential functions as well as a few extras. It scrapes enough sources to include all of the podcasts we know of, as well as hundreds of thousands more. You can download episodes manually or automatically for offline listening, or stream them through the app if you prefer.The user interface isn’t particularly appealing, but it gets the job done without being unduly complex. Chromecasts, SONOS speakers, and Android Auto are all supported by the app. It fulfills all of the criteria for becoming an excellent podcast player. Doggcatcher and Pocket Casts, on the other hand, are two alternative options.

  • Spark Email(Price: Free)

Spark Email is a powerful and cost-free email client with a lot to offer. It allows you to login in with multiple email addresses and maintains a smart email inbox that filters out the junk you don’t need. You may also snooze emails, schedule emails, and create reminders with the app. There are a lot of wonderful email clients out there, but this one excels at helping you manage your inbox.

  • TickTick(Price: Free / $27.99 per month)

TickTick is a fantastic to-do list tool. It features a lot of strong options while remaining straightforward to use. To handle many to-do lists, you can create multiple sections. The software also offers a collaboration tool, which allows you to include your family, roommates, coworkers, or anybody else you need.The app costs $27.99 per year, but you probably won’t need it unless you require more than two reminders every assignment. We prefer Todoist if you want something more showy, and Microsoft To-Do if you want something that syncs better with your PC.

  • Walli(Price: Free)

Walli is a fantastic wallpaper application. It contains a collection of one-of-a-kind photos created by a diverse group of artists from around the world. High-resolution photos are available that should work in most circumstances. Additionally, there is an option to assist the artists. It operates and feels similar to most wallpaper apps in terms of UI and use.There are a lot of apps to pick from, like Abstruct, Sphaera, and Walpy, for those who want more options. Those who have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 should also check out Hidey Hole by Chainfire and Wallpix for some unusual wallpaper alternatives.

  • Zedge(Price: Free with in-app purchases)

Zedge is perhaps the greatest ringtones, alarm tones, and notification tones app on the Play Store. The program contains a large collection with a wide range of genres, categories, and options. Because many of them are submitted by fans, the quality can occasionally decrease. However, it provides a lot of nice possibilities in general. There’s also a search function for wallpapers.The collection is vastly improved over previous years, however the photographs are not always of the finest quality. If you like, you may also receive premium wallpapers by making in-app purchases or participating in in-app surveys. There are other ringtone and notification tone alternatives, but none are as diverse as Zedge.

There are millions of apps available, as well as billions of users with diverse preferences. As a result, this list does not cover all of them. However, perhaps, everyone will find at least one new interesting Android app to add to their collection. They are quite useful.

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