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iOS 15: Here is a brief overview

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Apple remains in rhythm to target the final version of iOS 15 for the fall. But if you are interested in the next iPhone operating system, you can already try it out now. TechMoran shows the main novelties of iOS 15 and describes what you need to consider if you want to try out the pre-release versions.

At the start of the WWDC 2021 developer conference, Apple presented numerous software innovations, including iOS 15. Although there is no official release date for the next iPhone operating system, Apple only roughly states “autumn 2021” for the final version. But there is already the first public beta version that anyone interested can try out. Techmoran shows how you can already get iOS 15 and presents the novelties.

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Install iOS 15 now

A warning in advance: You should not easily tip an iOS beta over your iPhone. Even if the novelties may appeal to you, it is still unfinished software that can still contain many bugs. Therefore, a complete backup of your mobile phone is mandatory in advance. This will take you back to a functioning system in an emergency.

Go to the Apple Beta Program, which requires you to sign up with your Apple ID first. Then select the iOS or iPadOS tab and click on the link to register your iPhone or iPads.In the next step, select the “Load profile” button and click on “Allow” in the pop-up. The loaded profile can now be found in the settings, where you have to install it first. After restarting the device, you can find the iOS 15 Public Beta, in General,> software update settings.

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How to install iOS Public Beta?

To install the iOS Public Beta on your iPhone or iPad, you must first sign in to the Apple Beta Software Program with your Apple ID. You will then need to register your device there and download an Apple-issued profile to your device. This can be located on the settings page and must first be installed by you. After a restart, the available update is then displayed in the settings under General > software update.

iOS 15 features


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This is changing because, with iOS 15, FaceTime can be part of FaceTime via browser (Edge, Chrome) with a generated link. So Apple is attacking Zoom because suddenly, Android and Windows users are also on board with FaceTime


Watching Netflix or listening to music together, even though participants are in different places, many people have tried this during the Corona period. With SharePlay, Apple builds such a function directly into FaceTime. So, with iOS 15, you can listen to songs together with Apple Music, watch a TV show or movie in sync, or share the screen to share apps. At the same time, you stay connected via FaceTime. Apple also offers SharePlay for Apple TV, convenient for watching your favorite series on a big screen. According to Apple, numerous apps are already integrating the new function, such as Disney+ or TikTok.

Less distraction

A new feature called Focus on iOS 15 is designed to ensure that you are not constantly distracted by messages. Of course, the “Do not disturb” function can slow down all messages, but it is now also more dosed. You can also switch the iPhone to the personal or working mode. Then an automatic-only lets the relevant messages through. Special home screen pages matching the selected focus mode can also be created, then only relevant apps are shown.

New message overview

If you are not constantly attached to the iPhone, you will often find a rather crowded message overview. This should improve iOS 15. App icons are larger in iOS 15, and contact photos are also displayed for people. Non-time-critical messages are collected and can be retrieved together. Urgent messages are displayed immediately so they do not get lost in the overview. Apps and message histories are also easy to mute.


iOS 15 recognizes text in photos. These can be used in various ways. For example, a telephone number can be called directly from a photographed poster, or you can copy a WLAN password directly from a notice in the café into the input field.

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