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Samsung Galaxy S22 flagships can get fast charging with a capacity of 65 watts. But hardly included

Samsung is one of the leaders of the smartphone market in terms of innovation and technology, but perhaps the only thing in which it lags far behind Chinese competitors is the charging speed. While the rest are actively developing technologies with a power of up to 200 watts, the current flagships of the Galaxy S21 support only 25-watt charging. But it looks like that’s going to change next year.

Back in January, Samsung certified a 65W fast charger. It was expected that it will receive new products of the Galaxy Note 21 line, but it will not be this year. As, however, and other devices with support for such high-speed charging.

But several insiders write that this charge Samsung has in store for the galaxy S22 flagships, which will debut in early 2022. According to leaks, Samsung’s 65W Fast Charger device is currently in the testing phase.

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And it is expected that all models of the line will receive support for 65-watt charging, and there will be three of them: the basic Samsung S22, the Galaxy S22 Plus and the top-of-the-line Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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