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iPhone users: Should you get an update now?

by Joseph Richard
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Several users of the iPhone have started to report problems in their smartphones after accepting iOS updates. The update would lead to faster drainage of the battery. This mistake could end up being expensive for Apple. Is it right really for conducting an upgrade on your iPhone?

Since the update to iOS 14.6, several iPhone models seem to have more severe battery problems. As users on Reddit discovered, among others, the runtimes of many iPhone models have been significantly shortened.

According to the posts, this applies to older devices such as the iPhone 7 and entirely new ones such as the iPhone 12 Max. One user writes that his two-month-old iPhone 12 has to be recharged every day, even if he hardly uses it. Previously, he had been able to achieve a battery life of two days.

However, not all iPhone models seem to be affected by the problem: A Reddit user reports, for example, that his iPhone 11 Pro Max has not seen any changes in battery life.

Will the bug be costly for Apple?

In the interim, the European purchaser affiliation Euro consumers have stood up against the episodes and is requesting payment for Apple clients. In a public statement, the affiliation condemns that the updates radically lessen the presentation of the iPhones and the battery execution is restricted. That is the reason Apple should pay 120 euros to every client.

The manufacturer has not yet commented on the demands. However, Euro consumers have already announced that they will go to court if the compensation is not paid.

iPhone users complain about battery problems: These tricks can help

Some users have already identified a culprit for the battery annoyances: Apple’s podcast app is said to be jointly responsible – the users recommend deleting them. Another workaround recommended on the network is to deactivate the optimized battery charge – even a backup, resetting the settings, and reinstalling the backup can help.

However, Apple may soon solve the problem on its own: In the coming weeks, users should already receive the new update iOS 14.7. At the latest, with the introduction of iOS 15, which is expected to be released in autumn, the battery performance should be optimized. In initial beta tests, the new operating system was attested to at least better battery management.

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