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CarPlay Just Might be the Best Vehicle Infotainment System Yet and the Safest

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Having your favorite music and apps instantly available with a simple tap of your finger on your iPhone’s digital screen has now become a convenient and safe addon to your car. What’s even better, is you don’t need your finger at all since the system is Siri controlled. Says the car gear experts in a recent report, single DIN Apple CarPlay is the company’s “answer to the car infotainment system.”

Operated by your iPhone or iPad, CarPlay is engineered as a replacement for the media, phone, messaging, and navigation systems that normally come standard in a new vehicle with that of iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system). It also come equipped with SiRiand Alexa artificial intelligence so you can enjoy all these digital tools without taking your hands off the wheel.

However, despite Siri, CarPlay will also work with your car’s buttons, dials, and touchscreens which makes operating it as easy working your iPhone and/or your car’s entertainment system/stereo.

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Android users aren’t shut out of the fun either since Android Auto is said to operate in almost the same way as the Apple product. That said, it can be included as an addon to the head units when CarPlay is installed.

Wireless Connectivity

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One new high-tech bonus that comes with CarPlay and Android Auto is wireless connectivity. According to, until recently,CarPlay would only work if you plugged it into your car via a USB cable. However, today you can utilize a wireless connection meaning you can simply store your iPhone in your glovebox, your purse, or your pocket. This also means you can save the USB socket for powering another device.

CarPlay for Old Cars

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While it’s true, the CarPlay addon is typically associated with new model automobiles, you can still add it to your older model vehicle with the help of after-market stereo systems. There’s even a new CarPlay option designed specifically for older model Porches that are even twenty or forty years old (more on that later).


Said to stand for the German phrase,”DeutschesInstitutfürNormung,” DIN is a reference to the size of the stereo that was engineered for vehicles back in the 1980s. The stereo is also known as the head unit, which typically measured two inches by eight inches. The size and design goes back to a time when car dashes were much simpler. But that doesn’t mean old dashes can’t upgraded to fit Apple CarPlay systems.

Here’s a few systems you might want to consider for your car.

The PioneerAVH-W4500NEX

Said to be the flagship DIN head unit engineered by the famous Pioneer company, it sports wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. No need for USB plug in here since it has wireless capability. That means you can access CarPlay from the phone or tablet whether you store it in the glovebox or inside the center console.

Naturally, you can opt to plug the phone into a charger if you need to.It’s also got Alexa, Siri support, and Pandora. The pioneer touchscreen displaymeasures in at 6.94-inch and has a 800 x 480 resolution. It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio. The system will run you around $470.

The Sony XAVAX1000

For those of you who are on a strict budget, but still want a safe and smart way to use your iOS device in your car, Sony offers a DIN (single and double) that sports a 6.2-inch touchscreen along with integrated Apple CarPlay. It also has voice control functionality along with Bluetooth capability. It runs around $250.

Alpine iLX-F309 Halo9

Engineered somewhat differently from its competitors, the Alpine Halo 9 can fit into a typical single DIN space, but at the same time, it is said to boast the screen size of a double stereo unit. This translates into a big 9-inch touch screen that includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and more. However, wireless connectivity, for some reason, is not included.

This big unit might work for you so long as it doesn’t block any other dash controls like heating and defrost. But the display tilts up and down depending on the angle you want. It runs about $1,000.

Porsche Classic Communication Management

Is there anything quite like a Porsche? The high-end auto company has only recently introduced a unique line of head units designed for its many classic models with Apple CarPlay. You maintain your Porsche’s classic appearance but the technology is entirely updated to 21st century standards.

Two models are said to be available. A smaller 3.5-inch for older models going all the way back to 1965, and a 7-inch for newer models. Expect to pay around $1,500 for this Siri and Alexa controlled infotainment technology. But hey, it’s Porsche.

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