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7 Amazing Transactional Email Strategies To Boost Your Sales and Engagement

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When it comes to email marketing, the first thought that crosses your mind is spammy, annoying promotional emails that usually overload your inbox. However, that’s not completely true. There is another effective and very useful email category known as transactional emails that involve literally no spamming. What are those?

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Transactional emails are basically those emails that are sent to customers as a notification of consumer activities. These activities may include sign-ups, subscriptions, purchases, and informing the customers that the process has been finished or started. In addition, every customer, irrespective of the type of product or service he’s ordering, expects a confirmation email from the company. That’s how powerful transactional emails are. To give you an even better idea, on average, transactional emails have higher open rates of about 80-85% than regular promotional emails, whose open rates lie around 20-25%. See how big a difference you can create through following transactional email strategies to your customers. That said, let’s discuss some outclass transactional email strategies that can directly help you to sell more. 

1. Grab the user’s attention

After reading the user’s attention, you might have started thinking about an eye-catching subject line or a beautiful email template, right? Yes, these things are essential to make your transactional email attractive, but there’s something else that’s even more important. A perfect transactional email should bring value to the customer besides just notifying them about the process. For example, Airbnb shares tips on how travelers can book a perfect place in their emails.  

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2. Get personal

Everyone likes to be called by their name. As humans, we all are touched by such gestures. So, before you start sending out transactional emails to your customers, try to add some personal or meaningful information about them. That information could be their name, location, advice, or something of their interest. 

3. Act like a human, not like a bot

We all hate robotic and super official emails. It’s something everyone can agree about. There is a few seconds time span for the customer to decide whether to read a complete email or ignore it. So, make sure you use those few seconds wisely. If you fail to do that, all your future emails would probably end up in the spam folder. Try your best to write an email that speaks like a human and connects with the buyer. This will not only result in more conversions but also improve brand loyalty. 

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4. Leverage the email into your marketing

Even though transactional emails have more open-rate yet, unfortunately, most of the time, companies miss the opportunity to benefit from the high opens. That’s because of missing Call To Action (CTAs) that compels readers to take action right from email immediately. Or sometimes, CTAs are there, but the email is overloaded with content that the buyer or customer could not locate the button. So, make sure to create a clean transaction email campaign and place the CTAs where the reader is more likely to notice. 

5. Stay in touch

Don’t wait for the Use Cases for Transactional Emails and stay in touch with your customers. Remember that if your customers don’t hear from you for more than a month or few weeks, they are most likely to forget about you. So, keep sending them transactional emails even when you do not see any progress. Also, don’t forget to provide value by including something of their interest or useful update so your future email wouldn’t enter their spam folder. 

6. Pick the right timing

 Timing plays a crucial role in every type of email, be it a promotional or transactional one. According to data-driven studies, the best time to send transactional emails is usually between 9 AM-11 AM. Make sure to schedule the perfect timing in your email marketing software to increase your chances of clicks and increase your conversions. Also, the timing of emails has a psychological connection with the buyer’s mind. If you can catch them in a good mood, you can easily create more sales. 

7. Educate the buyers and send them a bonus 

Who doesn’t like gifts? A gift coupon creates a perfect combination with transactional emails. Also, you may collect many positive reviews by using this strategy. There are several ways to send a gift card in a transactional email. For example, many companies send their customers a gift card with an email for feedback after making any purchase. This is an amazing way of thanking them, getting a positive review on a product, and increasing the chances of future purchases. 

Final Thoughts 

Transactional email marketing is not just a trend that will possibly disappear in the next few years. Instead, they will innovate and will become a more powerful marketing tool with time. So, don’t sweep this knowledge under the carpet and start using these effective transactional email strategies to make your customer feet at ease and boost your sales. 

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