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Good news for Apple Consumers: The Manufacturer announces cheaper Prices for Apps & In-App Purchases

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Apple has officially declared that it will bring down the cost of applications from the App Store and in-application buys in Europe. This action declared for the current week follows an audit of expenses in certain regions.

“When taxes or trade rates change, we once in a while need to refresh costs on the App Store in specific locales and additionally change your income,” Apple clarifies on a page of its blog devoted to engineers. We discover that this will be the situation in August for the nations of the eurozone.AMT

Lower prices in Europe for App Store apps

“In the coming days, the prices of apps and in-app purchases (excluding automatically renewed subscriptions) on the App Store will decrease in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and all territories using the euro as their currency,” Apple explains a little later.

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As the brand specifies, Italian developers will, on the other hand, benefit from increased revenues to take into account the effective rate of the tax on digital services.

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