How do I get Devnet certified?


With the advancement in technology, different professionals are working hard to make a name in the market of IT. To fulfill this dream, many people are taking different certifications exams to give a boost to their careers. Many people are asking questions that how they can get a certification of devnet. So here you will find the answer to this question. Let’s start discussing this;

Devnet certification:

The devnet helps people to recognize them in taking specific paths of learning such as professional or specialist associate. devnet cisco And wherever they pass the exam they are known as skilled. Devnet has made different programs and exams which are integers with new experiences, materials and sandboxes. This preparation course makes it you guys easy in getting passed from devnet exams. 

The devnet course makes people able in getting following skills in automation and software skills;

  • Software designing and development
  • Network fundamentals 
  • Application security and deployment 
  • Understanding with using APIS
  • Automation and infrastructure 
  • Cisco development and platforms

Benefits of Cisco certified Devnet certification:

There are many benefits which you get after Cisco certification of devnet. Let us tell you about them;

The Cisco certified devnet certification gives you proof for maintaining and developing applications which are built on Cisco platforms. You get different skills for infrastructure and software. 

What to do for getting certified by devnet?

For earning devnet professional certification you have to clear two exams. Lets see the details of these two exams.

  1. The first exam covers area of core development for software with design on platforms of Cisco.
  2. And the second exam is of your choice which you can give according to the area of your expertise or your interest based area. So that you may have an aptitude on that area after training and exam passing. 

Devnet exams and training:

For earning the certifications of devnet you have to clear the two exams as we have stated in the above heading. Let us tell you another important thing that any exam given in the professional course of this certification gives you a single certification exam. So along the way you are getting some individual certifications too. 

  • The exams of Devnet mainly focuses on your knowledge of designing and software development which includes Cisco platforms, using Apis, application security and deployment and also automation and infrastructure. SPOTO Cisco This core exam gives you an individual certification so you are recognised with all the skills mentioned in that certification. 
  • The focus of concentration exams is on industry and emerging topics such as collaboration, data centre automation, enterprise automation, service provider automation, loT, devops automation and cloud. 


There are not any mentioned prerequisites for this exam but before giving the exam you must have a clear understanding of things that you are going to do. But usually, people who tend to do this certification are having experience of three to five years in software development and python programming. 


When it comes to recertification of devnet exam then you have to give  this exam again after three years to recertify your certification of devnet.

Devnet study group platforms 

This platform gives you a centralized hub of social gatherings which helps you in creating, managing and organizing different group learning events to study. And from these technology topics, you may get preparation for the exam. This helps you to get Devnet certification with having experience of other people’s knowledge and skills too in your peer group. 

Devnet group study benefits:

Following are the things which you get when you are taking devnet group study;

  • You get an opportunity for starting a new group or may be joining into a previous group who has lots of information to share with you.
  • It gives you one place for group learning activities, work experiences, discussions and quizzes and peer sharing materials. 
  • You come up with a platform where you can share everything and you get collaborative learning experience by keeping touch with online groups. 


By taking out all the details of devnet certification from our above segment, you can actually put a great effort on its exams. You should join different training programs regarding this exam and certification and hopefully you will be able to get this certification.