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5 Best Video Hosting Options

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Since the video makes up 82% of all the internet traffic just shows how important the video is. Everyone watches videos either live, such as live FIFA matches or on-demand, such as a vlog for personal entertainment or business purposes. Many believe that videos are critical to businesses and video hosting platforms are a modern approach to stream, share and manage videos with your audience.

Hosting Large Video Files on a Different Platform

Videos can be of a significant load when in GBs, require a strong bandwidth for playback resulting in buffering. Moreover, hosting videos can be costly when you have the bulk of videos. To save the hassle, a video hosting platform can be your solution. You can directly embed videos and create multiple renditions so that the video is played according to the user’s bandwidth. There is a diverse range of providers, and the option depends on your business requirements.

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Let us see the video hosting options

1.     VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO, a YouTube-like video hosting platform, lets you securely upload, host, stream, and manage live and on-demand videos to both internal (signed-in) and external () audiences. To protect from the rise in cybersecurity threats, your videos are encrypted with the latest technology like TLS, AES, etc. In VIDIZMO, you can set up SSO (Single Sign-on) for fast and easy access using one set of credentials, which improves security.

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In VIDIZMO, you can host video data in the data centre of your choice, whether on your own cloud or by third-party providers such as Azure or AWS. It gets better with flexible deployment models and meeting necessary compliances such as GDPR, HIPAA etc. Furthermore, you can define the access of your videos, organize them in a content library, add interactivity and track who interacted with your videos and more.

2.     Wistia

Wistia is a digital marketing solution for video marketing campaigns. You can host videos, but it mostly serves as a marketing tool for businesses. It lets you upload and embed videos, however, bandwidth is only limited to 200 GB with 25 videos. You can integrate Wistia with CRM with no ads.

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According to some reviews, Wistia lacks deeper SEO capabilities and is costly, meaning you’ll be charged more when you exceed the bandwidth. It is more of an investment as compared to others and not so reasonable option.

3.     YouTube

This one needs no introduction. People of all ages are using this platform. It is popular but not necessarily the best option for video hosting. Yes, it is free, but the biggest drawback is the ads in exchange for free hosting. One of their pros is you can easily embed YouTube videos with the help of custom iframe codes, and you don’t have to worry about bandwidth or file size.

One of the cons includes YouTube taking ownership of redistributing your content, and as a business, you don’t want that. YouTube also plays recommended videos that may or may not be related to your brand. Given the pros and cons, YouTube is good for smaller businesses and individuals but has very limited capability for an enterprise.

4.     Vimeo

Next on the list, we have Vimeo. It is known for high-quality video hosting and collaboration. Pros include ad-free videos, no limit to file size, no restriction of bandwidth or duration of videos, and Vimeo has a sleek embedded player. You can choose an embed player setting and customize it however you want if you are a paying customer.

It lacks advanced options and major video capabilities such as defining access for videos to specific users , SSO integration, custom retention period, AI-enabled smart search and other features. They also have a low upload limit with a free account but nevertheless suitable for creative professionals to share their work.

5.     Brightcove

Brightcove is our last option as a video hosting platform. It mostly caters to external audiences and has limited capabilities when you want to stream or host videos internally. According to reviews from users across the globe, it has a hard to navigate UI, and the pricing is not clear.

However, it has its own pros; for instance, you can directly stream to your respective website, manage and sell your ad inventory, and have advanced marketing automation integration.


There are many options available in the market, but it is up to you and your business requirements. Either you can go and opt for a simple platform such as YouTube or Vimeo or as an enterprise leverage from enhanced video capabilities and advanced technology by using an enterprise hosting platform such as VIDIZMO or Brightcove.

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