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Four big trends in CNC machining 

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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Manufacturing processes were innovated out of necessity. Nowadays you can use these yourself, but it is also possible to outsource the production to an online CNC service. By doing this, you will be guaranteed that the products you will receive are top notch and have a high quality. When doing the CNC machining yourself, this is not always the case unfortunately since you can make mistakes. Even though computer numerical control machining processes have been created a long time ago, it is still being improved on a daily basis. This is partially done with the tips mentioned below. 


Some people think that 3D printing is very similar to CNC machining, but this is not the case. These manufacturing methods are in fact completely different. After all, 3D printing is an additive process, while CNC machining is a subtractive operation. Furthermore, they both function independently and have their own applications. But, a change might be coming. BoXYZ is a single machine that combines both technologies, which has resulted in the tool becoming quite popular in a short amount of time. This is the case since BoXYZ is a 3D printer, CNC mill, and laser engraver in one. 


Everything is going mobile, including CNC machining. Because of that, you can now receive alerts on your smartphones. This automation process has been recently developed, but it has already allowed users to connect to as many CNC machines as possible in one single system. This system will notify the user through the mobile device about the status of the CNC machine, although it can send an email as well. On top of that, the addition of a user-friendly interface is another important innovation in CNC machining too. Due to this, users can now easier understand and know how to operate the CNC machine. 


The CNC machining process has many applications, while it uses a lot of different materials as well. This can range from plastic to plexiglass to metal for example. But, there is another material that a CNC machine can surprisingly cut as well. This is ice. Yes, a CNC machine is capable of cutting ice, but this is a fairly recent development. It is already being used in Japan though. Here they replace ice cubes with miniature ice masterpieces. As you might have guessed already, these mini ice sculptures are created with the help of a CNC machine. 


Wood has been used as a building material since the dawn of history. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case. For example, wood is easily accessible, while it is strong and durable as well. However, there is one element of wood that we are not very familiar with: flexibility. Manufacturers can now use this property using an innovative CNC laser cutter. Because of that, it is now possible to create geometric patterns and etch designs on plywood. After doing this with the laser cutter, the wood will still maintain its flexibility, durability, and sturdiness. 

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