Home Startups Fundraising Startups from Africa are invited to apply for a deal summit.

Fundraising Startups from Africa are invited to apply for a deal summit.

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The third IIF Annual Deal Summit and the Investment Readiness Accelerator, which will provide the business development support needed to scale impact enterprises and inclusive business companies and connect them with potential investors, are now accepting applications.

The Impact Investors’ Foundation (IIF) will host the IIF Annual Deal Summit on November 30 in collaboration with Impact Amplifier, and is looking for investment-ready enterprises to apply.

Impact Amplifier will enable the bespoke investment-readiness arm of the program, which will focus on bridging investment-readiness gaps and special needs of enterprises in order to get them both impact and investment ready before the event.

The initiative’s objectives are to prepare social entrepreneurs to become investment-ready so they can access funding from a variety of sources; expose participants to impact investors and match them during the deal summit; and accelerate quality deal flows within the impact investing community and support quality investment pipelines for impact investors.

Successful applicants must have been in operation for at least two years, be commercially viable, have a clear impact focus or orientation, have not raised more than $5 million from outside sources, be seeking a ticket size of between US$200,000 and US$5 million, and commit senior company executives, preferably the CEO, to take a substantial role in training and matching activities.

Applications will be accepted until August 15th. On September 6, the winners will be announced, and the Deal Summit will take place on November 30.

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