Tinder Is Working On A New Audio & Video Feature For Its App


Tinder is working on new audio as well as video feature to its app.

Dating has become nearly impossible due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While the virus refuses to go away, dating apps like Tinder are introducing new ways to make online dating fun for users. Tinder is believed to be working on adding a new audio as well as video chat feature to its app.

The company during its Q2 earnings call revealed that it would also bring group live video and other love streaming technologies to its app. Tinder was previously spotted testing a group video chat feature called Tinder Mixer earlier this year.

What other apps are doing.

As per TechCrunch report, Match Group, the parent company of dating apps like Tinder, Okcupid and others said during its Q2 earnings meet that it would introduce audio, video and group live-streaming features to its app. The company revealed that the new features will be developed by Match Group’s newly acquired company- Hyperconnect. Match Group CEO Star Dubey told the publication that she is excited to integrated technologies developed by Hypeconnect to its existing apps like Tinder.

Dubey said:

“AR features, self-expression tools, conversational AI and a number of what we would consider metaverse elements, which have the element to transform the online meeting and getting-to-know-each-other process,”

However, she did not reveal exactly which apps by Match Group will get all these new features. The company believes that by the end of the year, it would be able to integrate technologies by Hyperconnect with two of its existing brands.

“One of the holy grails for us in online dating has always been to bridge the disconnect that happens between people chatting online and then meeting someone in person. These technologies will eventually allow us to build experiences that will help people determine if they have that much elusive chemistry or not Our ultimate vision here is for people to never have to go on a bad first date again,” Dubey said.

While Match Group has not revealed exact details about the feature, Tinder being its most popular app may get the audio, video chat feature. Earlier, Tinder had also rolled out a new way of letting people know about their vaccination statuses. The dating app had introduced vaccinations badges that can be flaunted by users who are either fully or partially vaccinated on their Tinder profiles.