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Is Bitcoin A Good Investment In 2021?

The invention of the internet has led to the birth of amazing new concepts such as Bitcoin. For nearly 24 years, innovators and cryptographers have created a secure and safe decentralized digital currency. Finally, their hard work has paid off with the creation of Bitcoin. There are many benefits of Bitcoin, the digital currency, and here are a few of them.

1) Bitcoin provides user autonomy

The traditional physical currencies used across the world have many restrictions and risks involved, such as the banks being vulnerable to the rise and fall of the economy. These drastic changes can cause bank runs and bank crashes.

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This is a disadvantage for users as they are not in control over their money. On the other hand, Bitcoin provides autonomy as its value is not linked to any specific country and government policy. This provides users full control over their money.

2) Transactions are onymous

Majority of the transactions done online require the user’s personal information and data for the transaction to proceed. If you wish to transfer money to another party, you must identify yourself and your information, get yourself verified, and only then will the transaction proceed.

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Verification is necessary to prevent crime, but it places power in the hands of the intermediary who is in charge of the transaction. On the other hand, Bitcoin transactions are onymous. They can only be identified using the assigned blockchain address. A user can create multiple blockchain addresses. No other form of information or data is required to proceed with the transaction.

3) Bitcoin transactions purely peer to peer

Bitcoin payments are made on a peer-to-peer basis which means that users can conduct transactions to and from any part of the world. They do not require the approval of a third or intermediate party.

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4) Bitcoin payments do not involve banking fees

Every currency exchange charges banker fees along with withdrawal and deposit fees. But that is not the case with Bitcoin. Bitcoin users do not have to worry about any banking fees. This means the user does not need to pay any minimum balance fees, account maintenance charges, overdraft charges, or other such charges. Coinbrary can help you understand more about Bitcoin.

5) Bitcoin payments are mobile

You can proceed with Bitcoin transactions from any part of the world as long as you have access to the internet. This is a huge advantage as users no longer have to go to a bank. Online payments done using credit cards require personal information. But with Bitcoin, you don’t have to provide any personal data or information.

6) Transactions are safe and secure

Bitcoin is a digital currency, which is why you do not have to fear and look out for thieves who could steal your cash. Hackers can break into the user’s wallet if they know the private passwords of the user. However, the chances are very low, especially with proper security. Bitcoin exchange is free from any such breaches and thefts.

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